How to Reduce Lag in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Tip

In Black Ops 2 multiplayer a quick tip which may improve your matchmaking connections. Go Online > Public Match > Find Match screen, there is a “Search Preferences” option camping in the lower-right corner. Defaults is Normal, which finds a balance between connection quality and matchmaking speed, but switching it to Best doesn’t affect how quickly join matches.

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decrypt2223d ago

Look for a dedicated server with lower pings :P

godslayer4292223d ago

look for a developer who knows how to code for the ps3

venom062223d ago

Look for a FPS military shooter with dedicated servers, period..... HAHA!! Activision got peopple's money AGAIN and it sux balls on the PS3...

League_of_Draven2222d ago

I reduced the lag by playing Battlefield 3. The Aftermath expansion is only a few days away.

2pacalypsenow2222d ago

is this on pc only cuz i dont see that option on my xbox version