Black Ops 2: Activision "Aware" of Connectivity Issues with PS3 Version

GR - "Activision working on a resolution to fix Black Ops 2's PS3 matchmaking issues."

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Jinkies2221d ago

and like all the previous CODs on the PS3...they don't give a crap.

When will people learn

Lovable2221d ago

Actually they do give a crap.

Jinkies2221d ago

No they don't, all they care about is the 360 version, thats where most of there money comes from...360 gamers.

Look at the deals and good relationship it has with Microsoft.

Lovable2221d ago

Once again, people over reacts on launch day. It will get fixed just hold your horses. Now, if we're talking about Bethesda then I agree...

BlackTar1872221d ago

overreact on launch day? You mean they expect a $64 dollar item to function properly after it being the 4th release of this game on said system?

Wow what a crazy world man

DarthJay2221d ago

@BlackTar187 - the game works just fine. You can play the single player and localized games without a hitch. The servers are getting bombarded by a record number of people trying to get on all at the same time, all while they still have servers dedicated to Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops and even Modern Warfare 2, all of which still rank in the top 20 most played games on Xbox Live as of last week... very highly ranked I might add.

That's just Xbox 360. Add the PC and PS3, and there will absolutely be hiccups on launch WEEK. Then they will stabilize once things settle into a groove and they can start shuffling the deck of servers.

Yeah, people are excited and want to play. Yeah, it sucks that it has to be this way. But to react like this is Diablo 3 where you legitimately can not access any aspect of your game is absurd.

By the way, this is coming from someone that hates the game and the franchise. This is totally defensible. I can't even imagine the amount of servers they already have. They will sort it out and all will be fine.

guitarded772221d ago

I game on all consoles and have bought every CoD title this gen for PS3, but this time I bought BlOps 2 for the XBOX. I've learned over the years that PS3 is not their priority, and most of my PS3 friends don't even play CoD, so I just went ahead and switched up. It wasn't my preference, but if one has the option to switch up, I recommend it.

BattleAxe2221d ago

The same connectivity issues happened with World at War and Black ops 1, and they fixed within around 4 weeks each time. Its still a piss-off though, since they should have learned from the previous two games.

theEx1Le2221d ago

Whats even worse is, I've been playing since Saturday and had absolutely no problems at all until last night. All dem yanks clogging up the servers :D

Razmossis2221d ago

They've been aware for the past 5 years.

ziggurcat2221d ago

@ lovable:

if they actually cared, this issue wouldn't keep popping up in (apparently) every and/or a significant portion of the PS3 versions of CoD.

activision has had a hate-on for the PS3 for a long time now, and their devs have allegedly not used any of the tools that sony provides them to improve their games on the system then proceeded to s**t-talk the system because they're too idiotic to have learned how to properly optimize their code.

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Merrill2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

It's hard to not be aware of a problem that I am sure they most likely created as part of their allegiance with Microsoft.

You can't say it's better on Xbox live if it runs equally and we all know that the problem isn't on Sony's end, as their service runs fine on all first party developed games that I play online.

What ever happened to quality control? Why doesn't Sony step in and call Activision out on this? They continually ship broken games and quite frankly it makes the Sony brand name look bad when it plays fine on other platforms, even though we know it's not Sony's fault.

MikeMyers2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

You forgot to mention that Microsoft, not Activision, runs the servers for their games on Xbox Live. With few exceptions like Electronic Arts who refused to support Xbox live unless EA had full control of their own servers so as they can take their games down whenever they feel.

Call of Duty on the PS3 runs through Demonware. This could also be one of the reasons why Xbox Live comes with a fee.

jadenkorri2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

@ mikemyers

you should call MS and say you can't connect to Bops 2 and see if they will take care of it.They will confirm live is running then refer to activision/developer of said game. Discover what your really paying live/ms for.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2221d ago

I hope you were this vocal with EA's support of BF3 on PS3 over it's step child on 360.

Tough doo doo for PS3 only owners this generation getting the short end of the stick on most multi plats isn't it?

And you must not of played the new Starhawk, the new Twisted Metal and some Uncharted 3 at first as well as other only PS3 games. Those games all had problems with connections at one point or another when they launched.

Maybe the reason Sony doesn't step up and call them out is because they know too already. They know that the 360 is the king of COD. Sorry, that's the way it is this gen.

PS3 got BF3, 360 get's COD.

Sorry. (i'm sure something clever will be written... too bad juniors run the site, and my 1 bubble won't get a chance to respond.

MikeMyers2219d ago

jadenkorri, I don't have Bops on the Xbox 360. Nor did I say Live fees are warranted. Thanks for asking.

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GraveLord2221d ago

I actually didn't have problems with MW3 or Black Ops at launch.

After playing for a few hours, I finally couldn't connect to the servers. The number of online players was also incredibly low, a huge decrease from yesterday. Either that's due to connection issues, or people trading it in since it doesn't work.

jadenkorri2221d ago

Single player and Zombie mode seem to work fine for me, its just the online MP that don't. All my friends/clan members are affected and were all from different locations. Were all talking returning already. Very disappointed with Treyarch.

lilbrat232221d ago

I am actually playing this on the 360 and am having issues I keep getting errors cannot connect please try again. I'll be going back to MOH until they fix this or maybe just trade it very disappointing.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2221d ago

HA HA at ps3 owners who bought it. They never learn.

MRMagoo1232220d ago

hey nice one bubble there, i bought the game and i am far from disappointed because i didnt get it for online i got it to play against bots with my son because he loves it, so dont generalise i may not even try online once the whole time i own this game so it doesnt effect me at all.

BrianC62342221d ago

I haven't bought a COD game in years. They don't care about the PS3 so I don't care about their games. I bet this problem was intentional to try to get more PS3 gamers to switch to the 360. Then they can just worry about that version.

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Majin-vegeta2221d ago

As a PS3 player no offence to the rest of you PS3 players but you guys deserve it.You should know by now that Crapovision doesn't care about the PS3 players but like a bunch of blind Lemurs being led into a slaughterhouse you go out and buy it every year.

BlackTar1872221d ago

I bought soley for zombies and the zombies is extremely lack luster compared to all the rest. So i fail hard :(

Tetsujin2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I'm having more fun playing Borderlands 2 than Call of Crack (and refuse to buy it even used); and I've already talked to someone who sold their copy of Black Ops 2, with 2 others actually thinking about it.

BlackTar1872221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

yea i have already played and beat BL2 with 3 charcters and 2 of them thru the 2nd play through on TVHM. The DLC was beat a couple times as well going for the end of DLC treasure chests.

Also i got the BA glitch so it lost alot of love with me over that.

Love BL2 but i can't take anymore of it till new content is released.

I wonder if people are disagreeing because i actually bought BLOPS2 or that i think Zombie is weak compared to WaW and BLOPS2

AusRogo2221d ago

So people who just actually enjoy COD and only own a ps3, deserve it?

Tetsujin2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

His point is people buy into the hype of CoD, then bitch and complain because of how broken the online is. I'm one of the many who refuse to buy anything CoD related; one reason because the PS3 versions always get some sort of shaft at the end, and "if" they do fix it the damage has already been done.

kopicha2221d ago

I can't say that those who only own a PS3 deserve such treatment. But I am quite disappointed with the PS3 version of this game. The framerate and graphics are still on the poor side. I tried to give it a chance this time and got the PS3 version but quite disappointed with it's performance on PS3. I enjoyed the game for what it is, but I hate it as well for how it play in terms of performance and how it look on PS3. Getting motion sickness once awhile when playing it. I have then try playing it on 360 at my friend's place and I feel much more right at home and more enjoyable given that the game is already good for what it is. Now I am thinking about trading my PS3 copy for a 360 copy of the game. I feel sorry for those who only own PS3. But I still took the punishment to try to believe in them for once by buying the PS3 version. And it turns out that I should stick to my point with this game. Anything COD is always better on 360 even up to this release.

Britainz-Fin3st2221d ago

Tetsujin, there arent that many of you really... just those few of you on n4g and other fanboy fueled gaming sites.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2221d ago

I coulda told you that.... And I don't even have the game. It happens every release.

SeekDev2221d ago

Yeah, Black Ops 1 didn't work properly for the first month, if not longer. After that, I decided not to get MW3. MW3 was received amazingly for the first two weeks, then the general rush of negativity occurred. This has happened with almost every release after MW1. I'm expecting it to happen with Black Ops 2, just gotta wait a while. If it doesn't, fantastic, a great game was made.

The_KELRaTH2221d ago

Problem is that it's not just Cod games that need lots of patches for it to work properly on the PS3 - over 6 months to get BF3 comms, lockups and lag fixed.
It seems if it's a multi-platform by the big publishers then the PS3 version just won't work properly.

Seraphemz2221d ago

Crazy thought, but any else think that this might be done on purpose to push more people towards getting the 360 version?

DarthJay2221d ago

You are absolutely right. It was a crazy thought.

Britainz-Fin3st2221d ago

Fuck with the ps3 version, to sell less copies, to make less profit, looks like you hit the nail on the head seraphemz

Seraphemz2220d ago

Thanks!!! I knew i was on to something....

Mr-Zex2221d ago

It's a fustrating issues I'll give everyone who has the issue credit for not snapping their disc in half, but c'mon people it's only been two days since release, the majority of most games have multiplayer issues on release day, even though it virtually is the same system over and over again in CoD and they probably should have worked the kinks out by now, it's still the same with most games, so just sit back for a little and I'm pretty damn confident this issue should be resolved soon, if not, I'm returning the game straight up.

BrianC62342221d ago

Does the 360 version have the same problem or does Activision just not spend the time needed to get good on the PS3?