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Halo 4′s single-player campaign reviewed: new developer, same Halo (games.on.net)

After five-year hiatus, the Master Chief has returned. Halo 4 is here and it marks a bold new direction for the game on a couple of levels. Firstly — for the three of you who don’t know — this is the first game in the series not to be developed by Bungie. This is an enormous deal: Bungie’s superb body of work would have to be one of the hardest acts to follow in video game history, so the pressure for 343 Industries is definitely on. But are they up to the challenge? games.on.net dips our toes briefly back into the console world to check it out. (Halo 4, Xbox 360) -

DivineAssault  +   1068d ago
This is why im not buying it.. I know after a couple days of seeing the gorgeous visuals & beating the campaign, its going to feel just like all the others i had & dont wanna get ripped off trying to sell it... Thats not a bad thing at all cuz if it aint broke, dont fix it is the way i feel.. I think 343 did an excellent job after being passed the touch from bungie
Chuk5  +   1068d ago
Have you played it?
Joel2211  +   1068d ago
I see what your saying, I always bought the previous Halos and played them mostly for the campaign, played a little of the multiplayer, and then stopped playing. Now they sit there and I have not touched them yet but I think im going to get this one and try to enjoy the multiplayer since they added that spartan ops.
wastedcells  +   1068d ago
I'm not intetested in the multiplayer. Only the single player. Is it worth getting?
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1068d ago
The Negatives that were listed:

"No new Covenant weapons or units"

Well seeing that this is NOT a war against the Covenant but rather a war against the Promethean's then that is pretty self explanatory and HEY guess what, there are a bunch of new Promethean weapons. See how that works. The Covenant in the game are based off of a small group of detached Covenant units who don't know that the war is over.

"Safe design may disappoint those who long for more innovation"

I still have to play it to confirm design but from what I have seen so far...I don't see anything "safe" about it. It's a whole new planet/structure with a new enemy in a new trilogy. What kind of design was this reviewer expecting? It's a PFS thus will have FPS gaming mechanics.
That is just a "safe" comment as it has no real meaning without some kind of example of what 343i could have done to not take a safe approach.

"A slightly easy endgame"

Play it on a "slightly" harder setting. Problem solved.

Why are kids reviewing games these days? Shouldn't you at least finish school first before you start "journalism"?
ItsTrue  +   1068d ago
Haha, good use of logic!

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