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George Broussard, games rating system, and what devs believe about the different score scales

DSOGaming writes: "However, scaling is not the biggest issue of game reviews. The real problem here is that most publishers are not bothered reading the actual review and understand why a reviewer has rated a specific game with an X score. They don't read to adjust and fix things. Most of them (and that applies to developers too) are after big numbers in order to use those Metacritic numbers to back their future projects up. And that's precisely why we've been getting copy-cats from a lot of gaming studios (and why Medal of Honor: Warfighter was not up to what its old-school fans wished for)." (Duke Nukem Forever, George Broussard, Halo 4, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

knowyourstuff  +   531d ago
Here's what everyone believes - they relate their own experiences to a rating system. Our experience with a 10 point rating scale, has, and always will be, related to our school grades. When you got a 70 in school, it wasn't exceptional (unless you were in special ed).

Therefore, people only want to invest their $60 in the 90+ experiences. $60 plus tax is an unbelievable amount of money to spend on the crap that gets shovelled out these days, which only goes to show how outdated the videogames business model is. No one wants to spend huge amounts of money on games anymore, especially since you can buy a lot of games that we pay 20-40 dollars for on mobile and PC platforms for one tenth of that price.

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