Assassin's Creed 3: the only thing I like is the combat

OXM - I'm not enjoying Assassin's Creed 3. In fact, I think it's fair to say I loathe it. That's partly because after several hours of play, I'm only just beginning to experience the game Ubisoft has spent the past six months banging on about in the trailers. The monstrous prologue (which, in fairness, houses a cunning twist) is clearly the work of a team that's simultaneously too fond of its own universe and excessively anxious about teaching newcomers the basics. New and familiar tools are handed out to players grudgingly, and the use of those tools is broken up by fat, clumsy hunks of exposition.

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SCW19821786d ago

I agree 100% with this read. I feel like this is one of the laziest boring slogs I have ran through this year. Not to mention it is riddled with bugs. Once the excitement of the new locations wears off this game is extremely dissapointing. Dishonored blows it out of the water.

-Mezzo-1786d ago

Ohh, come on now.

I love the game. Campaign & MP both.

wastedcells1785d ago

This game has amazing moments. Really amazing. Too bad most won't put the time into see them. Yes a lot of it feels familiar and it's buggy but if you give it a chance and put the time in instead of running though the main missions it's great.

Nimblest-Assassin1786d ago

Meh... I felt so restricted with dishonored. The game didn't give me enough options for a non lethal play style, since it would guilt me into it... also after playing it 2 weeks ago... it seems like a blur, and I don't remember much about it

When I play AC3, I kick back, relax and cruise in my ship, go hunting, explore the wilderness, play some mp

But whatever, different opinions for different people... neither of us are right or wrong

Im very pre occupied with AC3, where as I didn't feel compeled to go back and play dishonored again killing everyone.

bwazy1786d ago

Oh man, when I first fired my ships cannon barrage I squealed like a school girl. An epic feeling albeit a little panzyish.

Jaces1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )


I did the exact same thing, glad to know I wasn't the only one who squealed. lol! The only thing I find disappointing is how easy it is to hunt. I'm literally running into deer and rabbits non stop...they could have made it so you HAVE to use your tools to track and capture/kill them.

That and the freerunning in the cities is a bit difficult as opposed to ACII where the rooftops were easy to transition on from one to the other. The little twist at the end of the prologue was pretty cool, like whaaaat?!

gamer2341786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I am with u 100% this game is riddled with bugs especially the distance drawing stuff, besides that the game is boring, and wrongly paced, and i have a feeling watchdog will turnout like this since it's ubisoft. the only good thing about the game is the story

gamer2341786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

whether a game is good or bad, gamers on n4g will say they enjoyed it, even ubisoft acknowledged the game was riddled with bug, nobody here wants see or hear any thing negative about their favourite game

A-Glorious-Dawn1785d ago

Why would gamers on N4G have to enjoy AC3?

Is N4G the home of AC3 fanboys as well now?

yaz2881786d ago

Dishonored is my personal goty for this year along with max Payne 3.. I never did play ac3 yet (waiting for the pc version)

3-4-51786d ago


This game is really fun. Tons of stuff to do. Enough stuff updated and refined. Love the new additions, the looks, feel, sound of this game.

They did a really good job outside of a few graphical glitches that in no way ruined my gaming experience.

Running through the trees is fun. How many other games can you do that in ?

The Story is good as well and it was fun playing as Haytham and young conner as well as regular conner.

This might be my favorite AC game yet. AC2 is my other fave.

Simon_Brezhnev1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I've played all the AC in ps3. I have to say AC3 let me down. Conner is not likable. He is your stereotype american hero. Its the buggiest AC i played so far. A lot of people hate the ending. I only liked one thing about it evil wins. LOL. The story had way too many plot holes. I bet they start doing a lot of DLC endings or w/e

Connor is the most annoying character. He is a naive brute. Haytham is a way better character.

The combat is better but it seems like they took a lot of stuff from Batman Arkam City

AC2 and Brotherhood are my favorite AC games.

I did like climbing on the tree. Out of all the assassins Connor really believes he is a one man army.

SAE1785d ago

i love dishonored and assassin creed 3 so i win :P ...

both have it's own gameplay and story / positives and negatives , so why complain ?.. just play both ^^ ...

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FarCryLover1821786d ago

I like mostly everything about this game. The thing that I don't like as much as the rest is the combat...

Pintheshadows1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I'm sick and tired of these kinds of articles.

I mean, what purpose does it serve beyond getting hits. It's hardly informative.

Hmmmm, the majority are really enjoying AC3. I know, i'll write several paragraphs about how much I hate it. People will be angry with what I have to say, but it's my right as an opinionated gaming 'journlist' to get on my soapbox and type dross that benefits no one. And the hits will flow. *performs finger pyramid of evil contemplation*

We really have reached the bottom. Can't think of an interesting, intelligent and insightful article to write. Don't worry, just spout your meaningless opinions. Cos' that's what being a journalist is all about these days.

Nimblest-Assassin1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Im probably leaving this site soon, to many opinion pieces, not enough news

In fact the line between journalist and blogger has almost blured together now thanks to the sheer stupidity of some opinion pieces. And no Im not saying this because its AC3... Im tired of all the negativity on this site

Pintheshadows1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Buried among all the nonsense on here you do find well written, original, and intelligent articles that make for a great read. It's just a shame that everyone would rather fight over comparison shots of the latest multiplatform title than actually have a proper discussion.

Yeah, journalism in general has died a painful death. It's all about opinions these days. As far as i'm concerned that is a dirty word. People hide behind it rather than making a valid point.

Reviews are meaningless these days as well. They used to be crammed full of relevant details that, we as consumers, could genuinely utilise. Now they are forced humour with authors who don't know how to take a step back and be objective and seem to have agendas laced within their vitriol.

legendof1171785d ago

Thank you for speaking the truth. +bubble.

dirigiblebill1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

"Hmmmm, the majority are really enjoying AC3. I know, i'll write several paragraphs about how much I hate it."

Hmmmm, an opinion piece that cuts against the grain. I know, rather than *actually engage* with the points expressed, I'll write several paragraphs of blanket dismissal and vacuous, second-hand pronouncements about the "state of journalism", thus perpetuating a toxic boy's club culture under which anything that diverges from consensus is prematurely deemed either moronic or cynical.

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Psychotica1786d ago

I just got the game this morning so I am still trying to get used to the controls. But I find the controls a little awkward, doesn't make sense to me that I aim my pistol while it's still in the holster then I shoot. Why can't I draw my pistol out like I do my sword then aim and shoot? Just seems very strange to me. Then again maybe I am not doing it right somehow. I do like the story so far and the environment is really well done.

neoMAXMLC1786d ago

It's an auto aiming mechanic anyway. It'll shoot whoever is highlighted. Far FAR from being a shooter in any way possible.

CalvinKlein1786d ago

Im not sure but in AC3 liberation you can hold down the shoot button and she will aim the gun without firing, but as soon as you let go she shoots. And im not sure why you cant take the gun out and run around with it tho.

SAE1785d ago

you will like the gameplay , just continue and you will understand it ....

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