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MAG II Gun Controller. Looks like motion sensors are back in.

"This is not another point and shoot gun. It's a fully functional controller specially made for first person shooters. Its wireless and is complete with gyroscopes and sensitivity options. Meaning the reticule will follow however way you rotate the gun. It also has an analog stick for movement. You wont have to lean in a certain direction. " (PS3, Xbox 360)

MysticStrummer  +   529d ago
Ahhh damn. I saw MAG 2 and thought it had something to do with a new MAG. Dammitalltohell... I love me some MAG... :( Hope for a sequel but doubt there will ever be one.
Hicken  +   529d ago
That's what I was thinking, too.

If a sequel is to be made, it'll probably show up on PS4. Given the success of the original, I wouldn't be surprised to see a MAG 2.
momthemeatloaf  +   529d ago
The idiots at Sony shutdown the studio that made MAG
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   528d ago
The idiots in charge at zipper were responsible for their own demise. The dlc for mag split what little community the game had not to mention the big patch that totally changed the game for the worse. Zipper screwed themselves by trying to copy what others had done (sloppy copy at that) rather than focus on their own franchises to try to capture the a.d.h.d kids rather than their loyal community.

Sony didn't screw zipper, Seth Luisi and zipper screwed zipper.
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one2thr  +   529d ago
Sadly I thought the same exact thing. Then I thought it was a gun for MAG 2, to then click the link and realize its an article for a gun controller... It's all good though :,(
JAMurida  +   529d ago
I came to comment section just to post the same thing. I saw MAG II and was like "Oh shi... aww..." lol.
frjoethesecond  +   528d ago
Goddamn it. There needs to be another mag game. There's nothing quite like it on any platform.
VonBraunschweigg  +   528d ago
Nothing quite like it indeed, and that's why I still play this gem. Including the beta I've been playing for 3 years now, there's just no substitute for Domination, Aquisition, even good ol' sabotage.
rbluetank  +   529d ago
i only saw MAG2... lol i love that game more then any other shooter on the market... Domination FTW
Pillsbury1  +   529d ago
I want body controls like in the movie gamer >:|
Getowned  +   528d ago
"No, no" Consuela(family guy)

I like the Controller, I like what we like to call, buttons.

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ProphecyTheProphet  +   528d ago
Does anyone realize that this is just a playstation move? This is is how I played killzone 3 and I loved it. I'm as hardcore as they come and it's not a bad feel.
r21  +   528d ago
Pretty cool and to see that it works with any FPS game is pretty neat :D Wish ps move could do that. If i had to choose between analog sticks and move for an FPS, Id choose ps move if the option was available.

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