Will “PS3 Exclusive” Assassin's Creed III Missions Be Coming to XBOX 360?

Assassin’s Creed III launched earlier this week on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and the response to the game has been somewhat mixed. However, Ubisoft has been touting an exclusive DLC pack for the PS3, featuring Benetict Arnold. These missions are meant to provide more gameplay and might actually sway your decision on what version to get of the game.

However, in playing the Xbox 360 version yesterday, Pixel Related noticed something odd.

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Cam9772118d ago

Sony payed for them so... No.

MikeMyers2117d ago

Anything is possible. Microsoft paid for GTA IV's extra content. I'm not sure how I feel about fragmenting content on various platforms. To me it seems a bit ridiculous trying to get consumers to buy multiple systems to play the same game, especially coming from 3rd party publishers. Trouble is this has been happening for a very long time and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

Nimblest-Assassin2117d ago

If thats the case... I'll be pissed. Not because 360 owners are getting the dlc, thats great for them.

Its because the PS3 version of the game has that stupid big ass red label on the box for no reason

It seriously ruins the box art

ZoyosJD2117d ago

Depends on how much MS policy has changed. Their old policy was our system first or not at all.

Hence why RDR, Batman AA, and others still have dlc only on PS3, but GTA IV eventually came over.

MikeMyers2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )


There are many policies and many backroom deals. This has been the case for a very long time. Microsoft's policy is much like Sony's in that they don't want sloppy seconds in order to remain competitive.

John Carmack once noted Sony has a policy that if a game is released later on (the PS3) that it must include additional content. That is so the game remains competitive because we all know later releases can and do suffer from overall sales compared to original sales. Not 100% of the time but most times.

Microsoft also does not want sloppy seconds and they too want extra content. Notable games would be Joe Danger. It first came out on the PS3 then later on the Xbox 360 under the special edition with added content. The PS3 is also used for DLC as a tactical tool as we can see with Battlefield 3.


As you can see the PS3 had a one week early contract. Virtua Fighter 5 was also rumored to be exclusive on the PS3 until 6 months later. Then it came out on the Xbox 360 with online play. Both systems constantly go back and forth to try and win fans over.

As I say, this has been going on for generations and it's not likely to disappear. The PS2 had games like GTA: San Andreas on a timed exclusive run for 6 months as well. Microsoft seems to be using DLC more so as a tactic likely because it costs less for both sides. Either way I'm not sure I agree with it as it bridges a gap between consumers who shouldn't have to buy multiple systems over 3rd party content.

pixelsword2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

It too can be yours for $49.99...

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Thatguy-3102117d ago

Yea it is just like any multiplatform "exclusive" dlc that Microsoft has had. Anything thats a multiplatform and its exclusive in reality its "timed". Who knows but I wouldnt be surprise if it does show up on xbox

Knight_Crawler2117d ago

The Joker missions in Batman AA for the PS3 never did come to the 360.

Chevalier2117d ago

Did any of the previous Assassin Creed missions end up on 360? I don't know, but, each game had them and if those went to 360 later then it's to be expected.

P_Bomb2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Sony and Ubi' always do exclusive stuff for Assassin's Creed, and it's stayed exclusive so far. Brotherhood had the exclusive 'Copernicus Conspiracy' , now AC3 has Benedict Arnold.

It's always been this way. Exclusive MP betas, free copy of AC1 with Revelations, exclusive handheld games 'Bloodlines' and 'Liberation' with PS3 cross-connect perks, Abstergo PS Home space, Copernicus. MGS4 even had an Altair skin for Snake.

Persistantthug2117d ago

I'll check the store for that Copernicus DLC.

I didn't know....thanks guys. :)

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KwietStorm2117d ago

How do you know what they "payed" (paid) for?

GRamirez2118d ago

Could be a timed exclusive.

hawkeyejonjon2117d ago

I doubt it. It was said that the brotherhood exclusive dlc on ps3 was timed but it never went to xbox. Time could just repeat itself. It probably will stay exclusive on ps3 and never go to xbox again.

yewles12118d ago

As big as the subject of Benedict Arnold is, I'm betting on timed exclusive.

DivineAssault 2118d ago

Who cares? They have Hello 4 remember?

Blastoise2117d ago

Well if we're talking of exlusives, it's on PC too.
And Dawnguard isn't any good anyway. More overpriced garbage from Bethesda

dubt722117d ago Show
ronin4life2117d ago

And in the days of Gta IV and oblivion timed exclusive content PS3 had resistance and uncharted.

What's your point?

Swiggins2117d ago

Ignore him, there's a reason he only has 1 bubble.

SJPFTW2117d ago

LOL Resistance is garbage

Hicken2117d ago

Is this a timed exclusive, or is it like the DLC in previous iterations, and a TRUE exclusive?

If this isn't timed(like the DLC in previous games), then your comparison is flawed. Like that nonsense Belking spouts below.

dodo1012118d ago

You know what happend to the gtaIV dlc right??
So it's possible.

bubblebeam2117d ago

I hate exclusive DLC for multiplats. It's a crappy decision by publishers, as it isn't fair for everyone.

In saying that, it should remain exclusive as it was advertised as such. If it were a timed exclusive, Ubisoft or Sony should have announced it already.
I haven't picked up my pre-order of AC3 yet, but I got the PS3 version. A big reason was because 1 disc, and the dlc.

I don't care that much if 360 owners get it to (I also own an Xbox), it's just that I feel a little bit cheated if it does go there (same goes for 360-ps3 'exclusive dlc).

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