Exclusive to Consolemonster: Army of Two Q+A session

With EA's up and coming title Army of Two due for release in early March, ConsoleMonster decided it would be a good idea to team-up with its Producer, Matt Turner, to bring you some inside information with the first Exclusive Monster Q&A on the game.

Some of the Questions Asked:

Q: What was your inspiration to create a game such as Army of Two?
Q: How has Counter Strike been an influence towards the development of Army of Two?
Q: How has the Sixaxis controller been utilised in the PS3 version of the game and will we also be seeing DualShock3 support?
Q: On the Achievement front there are 37 achievements making a total of 1000 GS points. Did you have fun creating these achievements or did you find them to be a bit of a chore?
Q: Will online players be able to drop in/drop out of the single player campaign, as seen in Gears of War?
Q: Finally, Army of Two is due for a March release, are you able to tell us what weekend we should be taking off work?

So read the full interview and report back to N4G to tell us what you think.

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Bazookajoe_833778d ago

Nice with a game thats build around coop, reloading the gun with the sixasis sounds sweet =)

Mattearl3778d ago

Sounds like a blast!! Plus it sounds like they are planning a ton of DLC!!!

light3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

as long as controls are smooth i am buying it for me and my brother. we usually have blast playing co-op. Count 2 copies for me EA.

Resisntance2 - 2 copies
Killzone2 - 1 copy
MGS4 - 1 copy
Lbp - 1 copy
hot shot golf - 1 copy
Grand Turismo - 2 copy
No money for Haze.
This will satisfy my 08's thirst.

I want Killzone so badddd. I think i am gonna break into and steal a copy :D from its development phase.

dvx uk3778d ago

Its a good interview like :)