Kuma's Quick Preview of Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller

Kuma Wrote: I came across this new innovative idea to bring longer lasting controllers to the Xbox 360. If you are someone like myself that ran into some problems with battery life on the 360′s controller even with the play and charge kit. I believe the people at Evil Controllers might be the savior we have been looking for. In this post I will give you a quick rundown on this new item and how you can support the development process. As of right now the Evil Back plate as it is now called will be available as a DIY Kit for simple installation to any Official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. It will also make the controller lighter with the new rechargeable lithium ion battery, which will make gaming a lot more comfortable for longer periods of time. However you can direct yourself to the video below from the developers.

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ironwolf7772092d ago

These guys are awesome. Great video.

SavageKuma2092d ago

I know they are going to save people a lot of money with this innovation.