EA Puts Wii Nerf Blaster On Display, First Images

Electronic Arts, fresh off their announcement of a new Nerf game from Hasbro for the Nintendo Wii, has shown the first images of the Wii Nerf Blaster Controller Shell.

EA announced a few days ago that they struck a deal with Hasbro to bring the toy company's brands to video game consoles and mobile phones.

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Reggie Fils- Aime3721d ago

Another excellent, enjoyable peripheral to add to the Wii's stunning collection

XBOX 3603721d ago

How many wii peripherals will there be? If you bought all them, you'll probably end up spending enough to buy 3 PS3's and a 360.

Reggie Fils- Aime3721d ago

don't you mean to say "3 POS3's and me"