PSN Digital Codes Returning To

Curtis writes: "About a year ago PSN Digital Codes vanished from without much of an explanation. You used to be able to purchase PSN cards as well as game codes for PSN games directly through Amazon.

That option will be returning, as you can purchase PSN cards once again."


Digital Games and DLC will not be available at this time. Amazon is working to hopefully get them back though.

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guitarded771830d ago

Yeah, now I can gift games to my friends again.

thebudgetgamer1830d ago

That's good, Iwas looking for one recently but it would have ended up costing way more than buying them in stores.

yoshiroaka1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


Been so long and tried so many lame alternatives!!!
Cant wait!
We gamers in "miscellaneous" regions can have an easier day :)

I still want a reason why they left in the first place.

jon12341830d ago

You can purchase psn cards through best buy for the exact amount you want, and they sent it straight to your email in 30 minutes

El_Colombiano1830d ago

I tried that and I had to wait for the card...

jon12341830d ago

you have to choose the option to email it to you haha

yoshiroaka1830d ago

I used to buy the $50 cards from them but they went out of stock a while ago and never came back.

How do you do the exact amount thing you are talking about?

jon12341830d ago

purchase them online, and when i meant exact amount, i meant that if you purchase a 20 dollar card, you will pay 20 dollars and thats it.

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