Nathan Drake Picks Snake as Vice President

IGN - Vote Drake and Snake in 2012.

Nathan Drake has announced that Solid Snake will be his running mate in the 2012 Video Game Presidential Election! The pair were previously rivals, with Drake narrowly beating Solid Snake to take the PlayStation primary, but they appear to have set aside their differences.

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Relientk771889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I love this picture with Drake and Snake in the cardboard box lol

black9111889d ago

Tomb Raider Must be at the Bottom of that Box.

HammadTheBeast1889d ago

7.7/10. I give you credit for effort.

Knight_Crawler1889d ago

Tomb Raider? You mean Indiana Jones the dude that raids tombs.

miyamoto1888d ago

damn that's really funny!

reminds me of this equally good picture

& this

I hope Naughty Dog & Kojima make a game together with Snake and Drake ^_^

doogiebear1889d ago

Snake should be prez. With Drake as vice prez. They got the wrong order. Nathan's only been around for one generation. Snake is a veteran.

Baka-akaB1889d ago

One could argue that he missed his windows to be president . Besides wich snake is it anyway and anymore ? Is it the son , the father , both ? :p

solar1889d ago

shouldve picked Sackboy. with all that charm he would take a majority of the independent vote.

cpayne931889d ago

"IGN approached Snake for comment but woke up drugged hours later on the lowest level of a naval frigate. At press time we were still unable to locate Snake, though several cardboard boxes were found at our planned meeting site."

Lol not bad.

Frankfurt1889d ago

Why would an exclusive character pick a multiplat character as his vice-president?

Makes as much sense as Mario choosing Dante.

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