1.02 patch adds new characters, stages and more to Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Namco Bandai Games today released a new patch for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, adding new characters, stages and more to the multiplatform fighting game.

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MWH2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

fantastic.. any hint on Kazuya and Jin's true devil forms seen in Tekken Vengeance?

kingPoS2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I've seen someone transform Kazuya into devil form on youtube. Didn't know he could do that.

Next up Dr. B! hehe

MWH2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

transformation is easy, i'm talking about the true forms, that's full transformation. they're characters with enough new move sets to make them selectables i think.

check the shots:


kingPoS2079d ago

Looks like Guyver, hehe come to think of it so did his alt in tekken 6.

godofboobees2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

That's how u do DLC capcom!!

Ares84HU2080d ago

Take note crapcom! This is how it should be done! Unlike you where you even charge $5 for 4 different colored clothes in your games.

bunniesneakers2080d ago

Hear that capcom!?
Even dead or alive dlc is free. I hope they get stages too.

Kenjifirera2080d ago

This is how dlc was meant to be!

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The story is too old to be commented.