7.0 No More Heroes Review

Aaron Stanton of writes: No More Heroes is a cross between Kill Bill and Grand Theft Auto, comparisons that are too obvious not to be drawn. It's certainly not a title that's likely to appeal to the casual gamer, but it's a much needed adult title on a system already saturated with games for the casual crowd. While I'm not convinced it's a truly good game, it is certainly an interesting one.

Ups: Very stylistic. Funny, with a great retro feel.

Downs: Battles become repetitive. The style is polarizing; you either love it or hate it. And sometimes the stylistic elements make the graphics just look bad.

No More Heroes really can be summed up by describing it as a mix between Kill Bill and Grand Theft Auto. Like GTA, it doesn't take itself seriously and has more depth in some elements than you would think, if only because it tries so hard to make itself that way. Like Kill Bill, the violence is over the top, but somehow rewarding. If these are the elements that make you happy, No More Heroes will probably be your thing. General critical reaction to the title has been positive.

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