The Most Disappointing Endings This Generation

It’s really important that the ending of a game is great as it’s always our last memory of it and is bound to stick out the most. Unfortunately though, it can’t be said that all game developers have learned this lesson and have unfortunately released games that have left players thinking what just happened, or just left angry by the lack of thought put into the ending. Here we will take a look at some of the most disappointing endings this generation!

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RivetCityGhoul2181d ago

Resistance 3 was probably the most disappointing ending this gen for me at least. the single-player was flawless. everything about it was perfect until it got to the ending.

jakmckratos2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Wait how was the ending disappointing? The series is called resistance and it ends with the human resistance finally winning and the chimera starting to fade out. It was perfect and honestly the only way to end the series.

RivetCityGhoul2181d ago

because the ending was very cliche and didn't leave it open for possible future sequels. resistance my personal favorite FPS to come from sony. if it was gonna end there shouldn't be stupid side stories like Resistance BS coming out. as much as i love resistance that game sucks. if it was uncharted i bet alot people would be saying the same thing im saying.

MidnytRain2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

***************************SPO ILERS************************** ***

What are you talking about? The resistance didn't win. Capelli merely stopped a machine that would have frozen over the country and killed the people inhabiting it. The Chimera are still alive and continue to force humans into hiding past the end of the game.

***************************** ******************************* ******
Personally, I was disappointed with it because of the lack of resolution. Mostly because nothing significant happened. The situation at the beginning of the game ends up exactly the same as it is at the end.

Kingdom Come2181d ago

I was kind of hoping, as a twist, that on Capelli's return, he would discover that Susan, Jack and the rest of the group had been killed by the Chimera during his absence and to at least develop the story more. As Midnyt stated above, the game ends in the same position as the start, which makes the entire journey feel like a waste of time...

Redrum0592181d ago

Hate all cod endings, they always sneek up on me when I think im barely midway through the game LOL.

Dovahkiin2181d ago

Hate endings like that, you're thinking hmmm wonder how far through the game I am, we'll see i guess. Then the final mission rears it's ugly head.

Redrum0592181d ago

Ofcourse its not just cod, but endings like that cause the$60 feel like they're not well spent. That's when gamestop comes in to try n rip someone off for the game that causes gamers to feel ripped off in the first place.

Gamestop and bad games go well together haha

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ritsuka6662181d ago

Awwn, Killzone 3 for sure. Killzone 3 ending was so disappointing, to the point it was embarressing. URGH!

colonel1792181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I think a lot of people didn't even realize it was the ending until the credits started to roll. It was just incomplete.

At least there will be Killzone 4

TekoIie2181d ago

If they had shown a little further than "Look at the planet" and shown what they planned to do next then I think it would have been good.

Still did the bad guy (I forget his name) in KZ3 live or die? Just wondering about the part after the credits.

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