Ted Price on Resistance 2 Interview from IGN

Irresistable info from Insomniac Games' President and CEO.

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damnwrx3544d ago

(((((((Bring it on))))))))

Tut3544d ago

I enjoy how he opened up with the constructive negative feedback they received like the lack of storyline with Hale and how they are going to use those as tools to grow. When companies look at feedback and interact with it to make a better game that makes me very happy. Even more, they are going off of the feedback from one of their own games, not someone else's ideas, so you know the improvements have the capacity to be something special.

The squad-based battles sound like a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing the BF series and it sounds like they have gone even further with ideas like that. And I love Resistance, so the theme will just make it far more enjoyable for me.

"[Resistance 2 will be] an equivalent leap in terms of tech. (Referring to the leap from Resistance to Ratchet & Clank)" - Yeah that makes me pretty excited. A wonderful example of a great development team.

Thank you, Catastrophe.

krik3544d ago

Man, these guys are on a role to cap the PS3's power. The improvements they put into their engine from R1 to R&C boosted at least 3x (or even 4x) more power, now they say to expect the same type boost from R&C to R2... holy crap.

R&C, technically, is the most impressive game on the PS3 with lots and lots of enemies, cool particle effects (weapons for the win) and amazing shaders, high-res textures (400Mb of streamed high-res textures), etc and all that at 720p running at a SOLID 60 FPS. I really don't know what to expect from R2... I have a feeling this game will be AMAZING!

DarkShoud3544d ago

Each time I heare things about Resistance 2 i get hyped up and happy :) :)

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The story is too old to be commented.