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Tonester9252155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I'm overly excited again. Damn you COD!

Well it's Treyarch so it's a go with me!

Sono4212155d ago

Looks like this is the zombies campaign we were told about, looks pretty cool. A nice idea having the bus take you from level to level while still having to survive on the bus.

gta28002154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

It looks pretty cool. I just had a sad moment when I saw that Call of Dutys' Zombie game looks better than the Resident Evil 6...smh.

jeseth2154d ago

I heard there was going to be a Zombie mode in MP where while you fought off hordes of zombies you also had to fight against another Team of players? Anyone else heard this?

That would be pretty awesome.

Sono4212154d ago

Have you played Left for Dead 2?..

Grap2154d ago

that's what i thought.. the trailer looked just like L4D.

Autodidactdystopia2154d ago

yeah same here no coincidence, all i could think about while watching this was left for dead.

Autodidactdystopia2154d ago

except in left 4 dead the zombies move more naturally. and the lighting is better. at least thats my experience.

oh well its cool.

2154d ago
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Awesome_Gamer2154d ago

You people are so pathetic, you are all like "CoD sucks" everyday then you end up buying that piece of shite anyway, so what's the point? i really hope this series will die soon, ruind gaming as we know it, i hate how almost every game now is multiplayer-focused..

Tonester9252154d ago

Lol shut up and go suck on something.

No one cares about your opinion

Xalaris2154d ago

And people care about yours?

Highlife2154d ago

Going to have to get this game now. wish this game could be bought in sections. I would only get Zombies.

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MattyG2155d ago

Looks like there is actually a way to win now. Once you kill all the zombies you take the bus to the next mission? Either way, I'm excited!

darren_poolies2154d ago

Not necessarily, you might have to survive as long as possible on the last mission or it could just keep going round in circles. Either way, I'm in.

rustyspoon802154d ago

From what I've read, there are 3 modes. This mode involves a very large map where you have to keep going as long as possible. The bus is used to move between areas faster, but you get stuck in the small space while moving. The bus can be taken at any time.

I cannot wait for this.

MasterD9192155d ago

Pretty much the same type of gameplay as the zombies we've come to know. Looks like there is a nod to old horror movies based off of the southern locations and the character with the glasses.

Not sure how the map is going to play into the it a level selector or was that all one map?

Kinda expected more from all the hype, but not surprised. It's still more of a teaser IMO.

MattyG2155d ago

I think the map might just be for presentation purposes, not a gameplay mechanic. From what I've heard it is "open-world" and you have to go location to location on foot or with vehicles. So yes, the same old Zombies gameplay with some huge additions. I would like to see a demo or something though.

MasterD9192155d ago

That could be interesting and plays into the whole bus driving scene. Traveling from area to area could be fun and hectic.

If that was all one map, maybe it gives credence to the whole "zombie campaign" that has been talked about as a possibility before.

Agheil2155d ago


Der_Kommandant2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Treyarch does it again!!

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