Remember Me - Combo System Detailed - Players Can Create & Customize Their Own Combos

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom has released a new fact sheet for its upcoming sci-fi punk project, Remember Me, that details the game's combo system."

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adorie2191d ago

special cameo by T.J Combo

Kalowest2190d ago

Lol, nice Killer Instinct reference.

adorie2190d ago

Lol, it would seem not everyone thinks so.

jc485732191d ago

sigh, this game seems....alright...not sure if I would go out and buy it when it comes out.

Kalowest2191d ago

The combat system reminds me of Kingdom of Paradise(PSP).

ChronoJoe2191d ago

Looks okay, the combos don't seem that fluid or diverse though. I was expecting more.