Mechromancer Not The Only New Class Coming To Borderlands 2?

BrokenJoysticks-With the release of Borderlands 2 just a few short days ago, you would think the hype for this game is over. Wrong! Randy Pitchford, CEO & Executive Producer, has teased some more information about even more classes are a possiblity for Borderlands 2.

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Myst2247d ago

I hope we do get more and if so I will glad pay for them and run the gauntlet of the game again and again

strange19862247d ago

Yup. Any incentive to jump back in is alright by me - just an absolute pleasure to play.

Reibooi2246d ago

I'm having so much fun with the game anything that will add play time and variety is a good thing. The original had such great DLC and I can only imagine the DLC for the 2nd will be even better considering the game has improved in every way since the first.

I love that the game has a nearly limitless amount of play time between the looting and the badass rank challenges and the DLC and playing multiple times through will just add to that.

CrimsonessCross2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Same here, as long as they are solid classes...well...if they aren't just a "lick and stick" type of class.

I'd love to see as many as creatively-viable they can get in the game :) hell...I stand the same was for DLC.

meowthemouse2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

As i said before:
60$ game
30$ dlc
40$ Characters
Probably another 40$ for old characters
Another 30$ for more dlc

Yes sounds ridiculous and all of you will say its not gonna happen, But when it DOES happen you people will keep saying its worth it.

Will wait for hyper super gold game of the year edition ultimate borderlands2. People are hypocrites, if it was Capcom N4G will be folded by hate.

InTheLab2247d ago

DLC is out of control, but Gearbox has been fair with their DLC in the past.

Capcom, on the other hand, charges for the multiplayer they intentionally left locked behind a pay wall...

meowthemouse2247d ago

Tbh I didn't think they were fair, for 20% the price I expected 20% the content. I personally thought that the BL1 DLC were rubbish, and they lacked teleportation to make them seem longer, the time we reached the 4th DLC we were extremely bored.

I don't think BL is a bad game, just not as good as people think it is. For me it was unchallenging with repetitive game play and environments, it was an entertaining time waster nothing more nothing less.

I could be wrong, but Besides the new environments, I hardly see BL2 improving much from the original.

Myst2247d ago

Well it will be hard to compare things side by side given that Capcom hasn't really produced a game like BL2 so I'll use Asura's Wrath as an example. Fun game people love it, dlc comes out "If you want the true ending for Asura's Wrath -- DLC." That's one instance of why people can't stand them.

Other instances were basically having characters on disc able to be used but were waiting for the release of another version (Vita for SFxT). Which is another instance.

Though like I said can't really do a 1:1 comparison on something like this but honestly BL2 dlc at least comes off as being worth it sometimes. Wasn't so sure about BL1 Mad Moxxi but others were rather nice.

I can't say much about some of the other stuff as it would be grounds for spoilers so I can't comment on that sadly.

meowthemouse2247d ago

I don't get why people rage about disc locked content and not DLC. Its more convenient for both the developers and the gamers to just "unlock" the content instead of downloading them, besides it won't split the community because people that bought the dlc can play with people who didn't buy the dlc.

Because they were not on disc that doesn't mean they were developed AFTER the games release. Even if they were developed after the games release the pricing of the DLC is ridiculous. If indie devs didn't exists I would have probably quit gaming.

Myst2247d ago

Actually it would not depending on how it is done. Most often the game would be updated to take into account the dlc, several games have done this before and made it so that it does not split the community apart. So even those who bought the dlc they could play with others still just not on select things because they did not buy said content.

The rage about on disc dlc is the way it's done and sometimes how it pertains to the story at hand for several games. Sometimes things are locked to where it enhances the story or even gives the true ending which is the case of Asura's Wrath which isn't on disc I know but just dlc.

SandwichHammock2247d ago

Well, I've been saying all this time imma get Borderlands 2: Purple Monkey Dishwasher Complete Edition.

As amazing as Borderlands 2 is, this DLC trend is absolutely bullsh*t, no matter who does it. As much as Randy wants you to believe, even Gearbox/2K aren't going back to the years of PC expansions in terms of quality and quantity of content. Not to mention the inclusion of retailer specific bonuses, which this title also has.

jimmywolf2247d ago

i would agree with you if you played BL2 it not a small game an don't feel "cut" too milk dlc you can skip all them an enjoy the game as is

GrahamGolden2247d ago

and all free for download for the pc's lol

but nah seriously games that deserves money i pay just like this game..i will buy all their dlc cause they did an amazing job

Brosy2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

You are wrong on your first comment and you are definately wrong about BL2 on your second comment.

I noticed BL2 didnt use an online pass for starters.

I highly doubt BL2 will have any more campaign content past the Season Pass. There are 4 DLCs coming with the Season Pass. They haven't even started on the fourth DLC yet, while the other 3 are in various stages of development. As far as old characters I flat doubt it because the old characters are part of the campaign of BL2. It wouldnt make sense to to be doing missions as the same character giving out missions.So that leaves-

$60 game
$30 For 4 expansions
$40 For new character classes

And your comment regarding BL2 is complete BS. BL2 is better than BL1 in every way imaginable.

I personally think BL2 has a legitimate shot at Game of the Year. Yeah, it's that good. I've already spent $60 on the game with all the pre-order bonuses. I am about to spend $60 more for a Season Pass for my son and I(BL2 is co-op of course). And if they release some interesting character classes I'll buy them for $10 a piece. And I have been smiling since I bought BL2 and will continue to smile until BL3.

Rivitur2246d ago

True however if you're smart then you can get the bl dlc for free from the game of the year edition from a friend or the internet because the content on the dlc disk isn't locked.

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Carl_Shocker2247d ago

I wonder when they do Borderlands 3 will these extra DLC characters be known as cannon Vault hunters...hopefully the third one will bring back the old vault hunters

atticus142246d ago

Sounds like they are going to need another season pass

MasterD9192245d ago

$30 for the season pass isn't bad, and especially if they would include any future DLC classes. Even if they don't, I would hope that Gearbox would price them moderately.

Although I must say that the Mechromancer class doesn't seem to be doing it for me. I'd rather play as the Siren or have a new class.