A chat about the power of the Wii U with the developer of a Wii U launch title

EuroGamer - We know the Wii U's IBM-made CPU, made up of three Power PC cores, is one of its weaknesses, at least compared to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But how will this impact the performance of Wii U games?

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LX-General-Kaos2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Next Gen graphical prowess confirmed

Hatsune-Miku2249d ago

Lol, have people seen watch dogs, mgs5, bf3 (on ultra for pc)? Wii u is a late gen contender of this gen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32249d ago

Dynasty Warriors? Lol, shouldn't Eurogamer be asking people like Ubisoft with their game Assassin's Creed 3 running 1080p/60fps?

Knight_Crawler2249d ago

LOL...console fanboys are funny - they think that the game play that was shown for MGS5 and Watch Dogs was running on a PS3 or 360...muhahahahahah.

Dude I got news for you those games were running on a high end PC and when they get ported over they wont look as nice or play as fluid - the PS3 and 360 have RAM issues and no matter how much you spin it that will always be the case, Kojima is brilliant but not god to work a mircle and get MGS5 running and looking like what was shown on the PC play through.

Hatsune-Miku2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Who said mgs5 and watch dogs were running on consoles?

Reading is fundamental , not reciting words without comprehension

Knight_Crawler2249d ago

So your comparing the Wii U power to a PC on ultra mode.

They Wii U is next gen console (key word) no matter how you put it - not sure what point you were trying to make as PC will lalways be supiror to console being the the Wii U, 720 or PS4.

Christopher2249d ago

***Pc is basically infinitely upgradable so the consoles or any consoles can't compare to it. ***

That logic just doesn't run, though. People don't want to constantly upgrade their PC and they want a device that will remain the same and be utilized to its max without worry on whether or not they have enough RAM, a good enough GPU, or the like.

That is the comparison in of itself. Do you want a PC that might have to upgrade to play the latest games 5 years from now (let alone constant software updates) or do you want a console that will last 10 years without needing any upgrades and much fewer software updates to play all the games available?

Rockoman162249d ago

Your trolling skills are getting weaker, that's a fact

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Thepcz2249d ago

what the fxxk were nintendo thinking??

devs trying to squeeze the wiiu to even match a last gen console (ps3/360) that sucks.

i have noticed the wiiu games previewed have a short draw distance, using excess blur/fog.. i hope this isn't a sign of things to come.. ie gta 4 with a short draw distance in comparison to ps3 etc.

i will still get a wiiu, but this is disappointing.

Ihaa2249d ago

Have you ever tried programming before? Even on high end pc, you still need to "squeeze" as much as you can out of the pc to match the visual fidelity of consoles. You can't just be stupid, write some super unoptimized code as you go along with no written plan and expect a next gen looking game. You still need to create a pipeline that is efficient, doesn't waste memory, and doesn't waste computation on useless data to get a next gen looking game. Its not like having a next gen system means you don't need to do work to achieve the graphics everyone wants.

Thepcz2249d ago

ok, i see..

i just wish nintendo would have made a console that was clearly more powerful without any shadow of doubt to the 6 year old ps3.

i will buy it regardless but at least i would feel more happy with my purchase knowing i am getting value for money.

i have a wii so i know its not all about graphics.. but i also have a ps3. i want more from the wiiu...

i guess its still early days

abzdine2249d ago

Doesn't matter, creativity is the most important. They did that with Wii they will redo it with Wii U.

Great concepts and ideas dont need great power. Realism needs power but the creation of something never seen before.

GhostHero3332249d ago

Wii would have been the best console of the current gen if the graphics did not suck and the online did not suck. Hopefully they learned from there mistakes.

Venox20082249d ago

time will tell, but I don't care actually, I'll still buy it

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