A physical iPhone/Android-controller keychain will be on Kickstarter in the morning

The first 100 contributors can get one for $25. After that, it'll go for $30.

Details in the link.

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zeal0us1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Wouldn't work great with some emulators, seeing as there are more than 5 controller inputs for some emulators.

I probably could see myself using it on games like Deadtrigger

JeffGrubb1826d ago

Yeah, it just needs shoulder button to be good with the SNES games.

black9111826d ago

It has to support all games to justify being over $40. Because I suck at trying to play GTA3 on my iphone the touch screen controls are terrible.

Neo Nugget1826d ago

Why hasn't anybody thought of this before? O_o

TongkatAli1826d ago

I wouldn't pay 5$ for it.

GhostHero3331825d ago

No shoulder buttons, no dual analog sticks, no thank you.

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