Fly in the soup? – Rayman Legends single player set-up revealed

Rayman Legends will force solo players to control Murphy alongside an automated Rayman, but it’s not that bad.

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Carl_Shocker2042d ago

I'm really not liking the sound of this...why mess with an already good formula they had with Rayman Origins

Hell when will they make a true Rayman 4 game...I loved the 3D Rayman games, I know these games are set after Rayman 3 but they play more like spin offs.

ninjabake2041d ago

Don't like the sound of this. I guess it'll have to grow on me but ill play it multiplayer more than anything anyway but its a bummer not being able to be rayman full-time like in origins.

mrbojingles2041d ago

I was worried at first but he says "less than half" so I'm guessing it is about 30% Of the game.

Let's say each world on the game map has 6 levels than there would be 2 Murphy levels per world. I can deal with this coz let's realistically look at how the Murphy levels will likely replace those mostly easy levels in Origins where you just had to get to the end of the stage (the ones with lots of weird art, usually after beating the five stages before it)

I'm sure if 2/3 of the game is controlling Rayman that we'll be fine, I played Legends at one of the Wii U events and it was a blast.

ninjabake2041d ago

I hope your right cause if so this game will be a masterpiece.