Sony’s New “Super Slim” PS3 Too Expensive And Offers Nothing New

Sony's new "Super Slim" PS3 model will not be offering anything new and exciting for gamers.

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yesmynameissumo2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

It's a bundle. $20 more than a 160GB standalone PS3. And comes with a 250GB HDD, Uncharted 3 and a $30 worth of content DUST514 voucher. What value do these people not see? And what the hell is it supposed to offer that is new?

Hatsune-Miku2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Nintendos Wii u too expensive and offers nothing new.

I can't wait till I see that article because it would be true. The slimmer ps3 offers a newer design ps3 that runs cooler using less electricity

bigfish2156d ago

whats the bleedin point in taking a dig at the Wii u?? some people like stirring up trouble - just focus on the article at hand please.

(btw i'm not a Nintendo fanboy, i only own one console, which is a ps3)

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gaffyh2156d ago

Thing is, as soon as this new PS3 comes out. Current PS3 slims, which for the most part are superior that these new slims, will be cut in price. So I highly recommend that people buy them from that fire sale. Then this new slim will just replace the old one.

Muffins12232157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

This was made to compete with wiiu while there working on there next gen console i guess....though a price drop would of been nice to give it that extra reason to buy it instead of a wiiu :D

dragon_rocks2157d ago


This was not designed to compete with Wii U. It was designed to bring down the production cost of the system further.

callahan092156d ago

If the PS3 wasn't too expensive last week, why is it too expensive now, when it DOES offer some new value? Bigger hard drives, which are an excellent inclusion. Hard drive space on PS3: You can never have enough.

NewMonday2156d ago

not to mention of the free PS+ deal with the instant game collection

DragonKnight2156d ago

The Wal-Mart Anniversary bundle (here in Canada, I don't know if it's happening in the US) is better than this bundle though. 160GB PS3, one controller, all 3 Uncharted games for $200. So at least in Wal-Mart there are better bundles. But maybe that won't be the case once this version comes out.

And lol at all the people complaining about the price. I guess you guys don't want Sony to turn a profit but are ok with Nintendo not selling the Wii U at a loss. Meaning they could make the Wii U cheaper too.

mewhy322156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Well I feel that in order to better penetrate the market, which is on the verge of becoming saturated, Sony would have been better off with offering the new , much cheaper to manufacture, model without the game and with a 160 hdd for 149.99. This would have allowed them to still make a profit off the now, greatly reduced machine's manufacturing cost and to move MANY more units to those that the ps3 has always been out of reach.

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Oldman1002157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I'd reckon it would be much more enticing if they decided to upgrade it with a 4x Blu Ray drive for faster loading, Wireless N, and 4 usb ports.

It would have also been nice if they managed to include a small amount of dedicated ram for the OS so the in game xmb could load instantly no matter what you're playing.

Blankman852157d ago

Some were saying the reason SONY would release a 12GB is because they'd eliminate the need for mandatory install through a faster drive. Turns out that was wishful thinking as usual.

ALLWRONG2157d ago

All current gen consoles are still to expensive. 360 and PS3 should be $99 to $149 by now. Wii U is coming out and has more power than both combined and it's the same price.

AtomicGerbil2157d ago

That's not true, a Wii U bundle is on average £150 more expensive than a PS3/360 bundle. Consoles alone the Wii U is around £100 more expensive. Here in the UK anyway.

josephayal2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Lol than both combine? WII U 2?

yabhero2156d ago

It's definitely 2-3x more powerful but not more than both together.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2157d ago

Now, now whats all this shouting we'll have no trouble here. This is a local site for local people there is nothing for you here.

Megaton2157d ago

Should have $100 slashed off. Pointless to announce a new revision and no price cut. As if a few more GB of space was what had held people back from buying one.

Hicken2156d ago

So what do you think will happen to the price of all the Slims now? Think they'll sell at the same price?

I don't.

There are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of those things in the inventories of stores around the world, and they're all about to drop in price when the Super Slim comes out.

May not be the newest model, but price drop: confirmed.

I also keep getting reports of retailers being able to set their own prices?

And there's STILL the very real possibility of seeing some sort of price cut before the holidays.

Ju2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

LOL. I hope not. I mean I hope they don't have millions in stock. What a failure in bound capital that would be. Especially when announcing a new model. Stock will be dried up soon, like in a month or something. I can imagine, those will likely drop a little, and thus even sell faster. But that's about that. Or they go back to Sony to keep a maintenance stock for exchanges.

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