COD4 EU Connectivity Patch Passes Cert

fourtwozero on the IW forums writes:

"Hey Everyone --

I have great news as rumor has it from SCEE today that the EU Connectivity patch has passed certification, and while I can't speak for them (as it's up to them to release it), word has it that they may be releasing it to users for download as soon as this Friday (8th)!

Just wanted to pass this along as I just got the word."

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mighty_douche3670d ago


Violater3670d ago

"I have great news as rumor..."

I stopped reading there

AllroundGamer3670d ago

couldn't agree more, my PS3 version is just laying on my table, because without that patch i won't even think about playing online.

niall773670d ago

we are gonna hear the N word and the F word alot more on COD4

Gaara_7243670d ago

plz help me i have never had anny loading problumbs on cod4 what is he talkin about?? lol?? and im on the ps3 version? my best m8 has had it a few times but ive neva had it is it bad?

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