God Of War Car

If one word could completely encapsulate the God of War Protagonist Kratos, that word would be rage. Besides crawling out of Hell multiple times, the Spartan warlord’s quest for revenge led Kratos to kill each and every god of Olympus in a brutal murder-fest of epic proportions. This car is one vehicle that one should absolutely avoid on the street. Badass or lame?

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tay8231681d ago

I don't think I would drive it but it's kind of cool. Maybe if the design was on a cooler car it would look even better.

HammadTheBeast1681d ago

Naw, nothing screams sexy like a Chrysler lol./s

Should've been at least a BMW or Audi.

NastyLeftHook01681d ago

put that as gt5 dlc, i would buy it.

josephayal1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

what a shame

Kratos_GodOfWar1681d ago

sony should put this car in gt5 as dlc I will love to drive it kratos is a boss

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