Borderlands 2: every enemy in one image

Borderlands 2 has around 300 enemies, and they're all in the image below, which we assume was torturously sketched, lined and colored by a Gearbox marketing artist. Borderlands 2 drops tomorrow, so click to make the pic bigger and study up.

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Bathyj2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

What a party that would be.

I need a Wiiiiiiiiidescreen monitor to look at it.

CrimsonessCross2277d ago

For me, I only need about 4 more monitors the size of my screen to get the image all the way across, but cutting off some of the top.

Not gonna

vortis2277d ago

Can't spot the Creeper.

CrimsonessCross2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Then you're already blown to bits :)

SeanScythe2277d ago

yeah i don't see it either, looks like they left it out. PICTURE FAIL!

snowman21492277d ago

This is cool but I dont wanna look at it, seems a bit spoiler-ish you know?