GamesBeat: Contagion aims to save the zombie game genre from itself (hands-on preview)

GamesBeat's Evan Killham: Take a quick mental inventory: How many zombies have you killed in the past couple years?

I lost count somewhere approaching “a crap load.” And yet developers continue to pump out games pitting players against legions of the undead. With all the fast zombies, slow zombies, and zombies-that-aren’t-really-zom bies-except-that-they-are coming at us all the time, it’s hard to see the value in yet another first-person shooter that tasks you with surviving waves of things that used to be people.

This was going through my head when I wandered into independent developer Monochrome‘s booth at the Penny Arcade Expo gaming convention (PAX) in Seattle last weekend. Monochrome was showing off an early alpha build of its debut title Contagion, which is a “spiritual successor” to the popular Half-Life 2 mod Zombie Panic! Source. When I talked to Contagion’s lead programmer Declan Doyle after the demo, I asked him why people are still making zombie games.

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JeffGrubb2011d ago

I've killed so many zombies!

born2live2011d ago

You can never kill enough of them! What I'm looking for in a zombie game is the potential of killing them creatively (à la "zombie kill of the week" in Zombieland) - that's what keeps the genre fresh and fun!

WeskerChildReborned2011d ago

I want a survival horror open world zombie game for consoles.

born2live2011d ago

Like DayZ? I wish they would port it on consoles...