Still Playing: Fallout New Vegas

EDGE - Tont Coles has no intention of finishing Obsidian's RPG, and is instead defining an endgame of his own.

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Burnin2261d ago

doing the extact same thing right now. I totally agree with your article

I overcame the "the texturing aged and the animations stilted" with a list of almost 50 mods running at the same time. I´m also alternating with the DLC as well, so I´m currently in the Big MT & still have Lonesome Rd waiting in line

rawshack2261d ago

Really good game I still play it .the burned man walks

mistajeff2261d ago

"May my hand forget its skill." Joshua Graham is a boss.

2261d ago
ab5olut10n2261d ago

never played it. i heard too many horror stories about the ps3 version and having played the shit out of skyrim makes me believe them.

deep_fried_bum_cake2261d ago

There was nothing much wrong with the PS3 version, unlike with other Bethesda games it was actually in better condition than the 360 version.

Megaton2261d ago

I seriously doubt that's true. All versions of Bethesda's games have bugs, but the PS3 always gets the shortest end of the stick.

deep_fried_bum_cake2261d ago

It did have bugs but nothing serious. I would get the occasional freeze as you'd expect with bethesda games but that would only happen every 4-5 hours or so of non stop playing. My friends who got it on the 360 experienced bugs and freezes much more frequently.

SilentNegotiator2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )


Even the PC version is a horror story. I had 3...THREE important diplomatic/faction options break on me. And I was only SORTA able to fix the one with console commands. I couldn't negotiate with the Brotherhood or the Kahns (without killing papa). I couldn't save the president without a glitch.

A great story is ruined if the options you want to take are broken. It's infuriating.

mistajeff2261d ago

I'm at 250 hours and counting, I still play all the time. I consider Lonesome Road more of an endgame than the dam, it's amazing from a narrative standpoint. They explain the courier's past without managing to imply anything about the quality of the character you've created, and it fully realizes New Vegas as a true follow-up to fallout 2 in a very clever way.

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