Xbox 360 Gamers To Get FPS Leverage with FPS Freek Add-on

You may have come across the odd little "u" shaped add-on for the Xbox 360 Controller's thumb sticks, known as the SpeedFreek. The clip-on extension for the 360's thumb sticks is said to "enable quicker and sharper movements, while adding control and precision" in racing games like PGR 4, Forza 2, DiRT or even games like Skate... Well the ergonomic designers at KontrolFreek are at it again, with a unique extension for FPS gamers.

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pwnmaster30003786d ago

dats the gayest thing iv seen my whole entire life

THWIP3786d ago don't own a mirror? :D :p

kewlkat0073786d ago

If it improves on what the 360 has then it's worth how about a new D-Pad please...

Nostradamus3786d ago

I had one for N64, worked great for shooters and racers, everything else
it was just unessecary.

Im sure there around $10, worth a try if you are competitive.

ravenguard883786d ago

The way it would work is pretty simple and ingenious. Because it extends the thumbstick it gives the point your thumb rests more travel, allowing you to be more precise and take more advantage of the analog with ease.

Interesting... I wouldn't mind trying it out.

AliC3786d ago

The PS3/PS2 controller have always been my preferred controller, but every little helps.

BloodySinner3786d ago

Same here, but not for shooters.

xboxlj3786d ago

IMO, the 360 controller is perfect as is. I don't like the ps3 controller at all, especially since it does not have rumble.

JVIDICAN3786d ago

still havnt heard have u? little thing called dualshock 3 u know with the rumbly rumbly and still the tilty tilty(motion sensing)
now u know =P

Leathersoup3786d ago

I usually do prefer keyboard and mouse when playing FPS games but there are some games where I don't want to have to sit at my PC to play. One such game was BioShock. That game combined with couch factor was teh best :D
Sitting on the couch with the surround system going. Pure sweetness. If I could have gotten a bit better control for it, I wouldn't mind.

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Dudeson423786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

It kinda looks like a waste of money... =/

I'll tell you what IS a great addition and a huge advantage to online FPS gamers, a big HDTV. I just got a new one and I'm sniping people from halfway across the map in COD 4 that I NEVER would have been able to see with my old CRT TV.

Truly an overlooked advantage.

kiko893786d ago

same for warhawk i played it on a 40 sumthing inche after playing it on a 21 in for a long time. snipping was like fish in a barrel. almost too easy.

BloodySinner3786d ago

It's not the size of the HDTV, it's the resolution that counts. I wasn't able to play Rainbow Six: Vegas on my SDTV properly (I couldn't see enemies that were far away) until I bought my 19" widescreen Samsung.

As for Call of Duty 4, I bought a new pair of gaming headsets last week and since then, I've been a better player. Because I can hear the footsteps of jerks trying to sneak up me or otherwise. ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.