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Submitted by Gekko 1197d ago | news

Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Vita is 'exactly the same' as console versions

Criterion has released the first details about the PlayStation Vita version of its upcoming open-world racer Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Speaking to last week, producer Matt Webster revealed that the PlayStation Vita version is "exactly the same game" as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, and features the "same big open-world... same cars... same Autolog features and the same competition". (Need for Speed Most Wanted, PS Vita, PS3)

Xperia_ion  +   1197d ago
Shiny cars on a portable : D
PoSTedUP  +   1197d ago
im scared now that it might be a port... i hope it looks halfway decent, MK was ported over to the vita and most of it looks like doo doo. this is the game i've been waiting for so i hope they really take time and develop it properly and make it look like ridge racer or better.
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Hisiru  +   1197d ago
Great, one less game in my list. I am not going to buy the same game twice (one on my PS3 and one on my vita), and here in Brazil the games are very expensive. I hope there is crossbuy for this game.

This is probably the reason why multiplatform games aren't helping vita, some would say "hey but it's great because I will be able to play console quality on the go". Yeah... doesn't look like consumers really want this type of experience on handhelds, unless it's a completely different game in the same franchise (Golden Abyss, Resistance, Ghost of Sparta, the new Little Big Planet, the new Killzone etc). I hope crossbuy becomes popular, or else there is no reason for me to play games like Most Wanted on the vita. I am glad sony's first party studios is really pushing crossbuy.

As I said before, I don't want the same content on the go, I want different games on the go even if it's the same franchise (Golden Abyss for example).

Media Molecule's new vita game or even the new LBP/Killzone shows exactly what I want from vita, and this game looks brillant.
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tachy0n  +   1197d ago

ridge racer sucked in the PSVita, have you seen the low ratings at PSN? the game itself is mostly pure DLC lol
PoSTedUP  +   1196d ago
im talking about the graphics of ridge racer, they are decent.

@hisiru- i agree, but it's up to the developers. and it looks like having a game already made for both systems is a lot cheaper than creating two different games. especially in this scenario where developers are skeptical about whether the vita is going to sell well or not; they dont wanna spend all of that money on developing a 2nd franchise game when it solely does average at best on the ps3. they are smart, and i am stupid enough to buy it because there aren't any good racing games on the vita.
Ult iMate  +   1196d ago
>>doesn't look like consumers really want this type of experience on handhelds

That's not quite true. Ports of Street Fighter 4, Zelda Ocarina and Monster Hunter 3 sold millons on 3DS.
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NukaCola  +   1197d ago
I hope we get

Cross Buy
Cross Platform MP
Cross Save
DOMination-  +   1197d ago
No. No. Yes. My guess.
DaThreats  +   1197d ago
Feels to good to love SONY
ape007  +   1197d ago
Criterion = masters
blackbirdi  +   1197d ago
In Terms for Content thats for sure but when it comes to gfx there is a lot things are missing like post_processing effects some shaders are missing here and there. The enviorments has less polygones and there is too much pop-ups. And the most anoying thing there is absolutly no anti aliasing. I wish more from 300 Euro portable console
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1nsomniac  +   1197d ago
lol ok so you've played it on Vita have u or even seen gameplay footage?? Also im not quite sure what you're expecting from a handheld...
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blackbirdi  +   1197d ago
i'm just telling that it will not be the same as they claimed and yeah ... i saw the psvita version behind closed doors in the business of gamescom ...and don't forget what sony was saying before that the psvita is close to the ps3 in terms of power !! one more thing you can get the same quality if you fake and trick some effects and lights ... there is a lot of ways you can get the same quality exemple wipeout 2048 even if the game is running in 30 fps !! comparing to the ps3 version which has less details and runs on 60 fps ...but publishers are really lazy to deliver the best quality they want just get our money with less efforts
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josephps3  +   1197d ago
You can't expect all the effects and features to transfer over. The vita is powerful but I don't think it can equal the PS3.

But to me the Vita is good enough and MLB The Show and NFS Vita ports is good enough for me. You can't do a side by side graphical comparison. You get the same gaming experience.

If they could do the same with Xcom, Borderlands, Farcry etc-same story, characters, gameplay, but maybe a little less shaders and polygons but still looks amazing for a handheld then I'm more than happy and would buy the Vita.
Xperia_ion  +   1197d ago
Idk Killzone Mercenary looked awesome.
enkeixpress  +   1197d ago
Impressive.. but I'm certain that there will be obviously noticeable differences between the handheld & console versions.. mainly in the graphics department.

As it is has always been in the past, handhelds are never nearly as powerful as consoles so, Minor or major sacrifices need to be made when a challenge arises for a developer such as bringing a fully-fledged console title over to a handheld.

It'll be very interesting to see what shortcuts & tricks they've applied to get it all running beautifully.. something I'm sure the guys over at the Digital Foundry blog are itching to look into shortly after the title's release.

My PS Vita is dying for a real racing game.. ModNation Racers, F1 2011 or Asphalt: Injection are fun, but they don't really do it for me tbh. =/
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josephps3  +   1197d ago
This is exciting. First with MLB The Show and now NFS. Both titles for the Vita are not exactly the same as they have a few features removed but the game is mostly intact.

If this trend continues with more titles like Xcom, Dishonored, Assassins, Borderlands, Hitman, Farcry, Blackops etc then I'll buy the Vita and the 32GB memory and be happy to pay.
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Hicken  +   1197d ago
You should remove Black Ops from the list.
Cryptcuzz  +   1196d ago
You do know that their are other people who likes to play different games then you do right?

I'll keep an eye out for your response on this.

Oh wait you don't have anymore bubbles and I wonder why.

Since you cannot comment on this subject anymore, please crawl back into your hole over there. ------------->
Tito08  +   1196d ago
@ Cryptcuzz- I'll reply for him that's because, Call of Duty simply sucks, a piece of trash series, a dumb casual game that doesn't require skills nor strategy to be good at, simple as that!!!!
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Qrphe  +   1197d ago
Hopefully Criterion pushes hardcore for Cross Buy like they considered at one point.
one2thr  +   1197d ago
Possiblle yes, probability of it looking exactly like its console counterparts 50/50...
I mean the vita ran mgs4, and that game was a total resource hog on the ps3, And if this game recieves the right amount of TLC, then the chances of it looking exactly like its console counterparts goes up to 75/25.... ****Exaggerated numbers folks****
Slugg3r  +   1197d ago
For me this is pretty good news, since I mostly do my gaming on PC and weren't gonna buy this on PS3 anyways so I can just buy this for Vita instead to expand my Vita's game selection.
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Subzero200  +   1197d ago
"Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Vita is 'exactly the same' as console versions"

And this is the reason why it will fail. Does sony even care anymore?
BuffMordecai  +   1197d ago
While I do agree that the vita does need more original games and exclusives, having a near perfect port of this console racing game would be awesome. Most racing games aren't exclusive to specific platforms either so it doesn't bother me. Besides it beats having a completely half assed spin off like black ops declassified that will undoubtedly be worse than its console counterpart.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   1197d ago
damn this i s why i hate being a college student cant afford anything
aviator189  +   1196d ago
I'm in the same boat..
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   1196d ago
it ruins everything doesnt it looks like im going to have to sell some old ps3 games and some other crap to start the vita fund, gunna get the assasins creed vita bundle then buy games and memory cards from then on lol
aviator189  +   1196d ago
exactly how I feel. I can't wait to graduate and get a good paying job that'll satisfy my gaming needs. :]
VitaOwner  +   1197d ago
EA did say they were considering crossbuy. Hopefully they make it happen.
BeenThereDoneThat  +   1196d ago
I'm thrilled that it will be the same! You dont HAVE to buy it for EVERY system you own do you? And at $39.99 its a better deal. So what if its not as gorgeous as a PS3 game. Its handheld game, for crying out loud. The Vita has given us a glimpse of what it can do with UC Golden Abbys, MLB12, LBP, etc. So far its been lean on AAA games, but the near future is looking very, very promising. I own all the handheld systems and none look, feel or play better...NONE!
dodo101  +   1196d ago
But watsup with only 4 players online??
Every mp game seems to have "problems"on ps vita.
Resistance bs only 4vs4
Cod blops D only4vs4
I just hope killzone M will show a good mp experience with atleast 12 players online
Subzero200  +   1196d ago
"While I do agree that the vita does need more original games and exclusives, having a near perfect port of this console racing game would be awesome."

This is why the vita is failing in japan, and some parts of the world. It is also why japan is behind the times compared to everyone else.

"This is probably the reason why multiplatform games aren't helping vita, some would say "hey but it's great because I will be able to play console quality on the go"

Exactly im not sure why these rejects cant see that.
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