Wii U dev kit images may point to SpotPass support

There's a chance that the Wii U could be supporting the SpotPass functionality included in the 3DS (and the Wii in some ways).

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Trago13372309d ago

i like the idea of spot pass. it's kinda like automatic updates like in steam. For example, in Mighty Switchforce on the 3ds, the spot pass feature allowed for extra levels to be downloaded for free in the game, so this feature would be really cool on Wii U.

LKHGFDSA2309d ago

Great stuff. yeah I believe it's true, it's not far-fetched considering the amount of similarities the Wii U is having to the 3DS, and given Nintendo's lack of control when it comes to small leaks like this.

I'm glad it has this, although one could wonder if spotpass is needed for a home console instead of cloud/streamed data.
With the 3DS, it's good because it downloads automatically while you charge it, and you have the content when you pick it up and move away from your access point. With the Wii U you won't be moving it so it may aswell use the data on the fly when you load up the game. This seems like a low tech solution almost.

Freakazoid20122309d ago

Sounds more like a preference to me, rather than an issue of "High tech","Low tech". Some people may prefer to update manually but they will still be using the same system to do it as auto update would. The only real difference is the updates will be ready before you start playing rather than having to pause starting to play to update.

--Onilink--2309d ago

well spot pass is just basically automatic updates. If its on the 3DS i dont see why it wouldnt be on the WiiU, especially with Nintendo making such a big push in the online area