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Submitted by fastrez 1271d ago | news

DmC: Devil May Cry sequel teased

DmC: Devil May Cry could be the first step in a new series of games. Capcom producer Alex Jones says he wants players to consider “what could come next” after finishing the main story. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

CarlosX360  +   1271d ago
The game's not even out, and there's a new sequel, already? Really?
vallencer  +   1271d ago
Not to sure if you read it or not he's just saying people should think if what a next one would entail. Doesn't mean there will be a next one.
chazjamie  +   1271d ago
i can barely tolerate this new dante (his shitty attitude and slow movements), so i truly hope this was a once off thing. yes, i am getting the game because its dmc (and i adore everything dante related)
Karlnag3  +   1271d ago
"i can barely tolerate this new dante"
"i adore everything dante related"

... good job.
chazjamie  +   1271d ago
it makes no sense. i know. i contradict myself, but its dante, i dont really care. its the same logic i see when a mario game is released ("its recycled", but it doesnt negate interest or prevent sales).
csreynolds  +   1271d ago
Can we have the first game first, please?
Metal-X  +   1271d ago
90% of the Devil May Cry fanbase hate this game before it's even out and they're planning a sequel?!.
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zerocrossing  +   1271d ago
Im hoping “what could come next” after DmC is a direct apology to the core fanbase for all the insults and crap they've put us through, some information on Devil may cry 5 and a possible release date.
Information Minister  +   1271d ago
Cliffhanger ending confirmed...

It's like they're doing the best they possibly can to stop people from buying this game.
j-blaze  +   1271d ago
and knowing NT, the game will be short and it'll have little to no replay value....
yami930  +   1271d ago
and knowing Capcom they'll sell you the ending in DLC...
Kratoscar2008   1271d ago | Trolling | show
Summons75  +   1271d ago
by Sequel I hope you mean a proper DeviL May Cry 5 and not this emo bull crap you think people actually like.
Kratoscar2008  +   1271d ago
As i said if the game is good then i hope a sequel come, Dante for me is the same as long as he kickass not because his lame one liners, the plot of the series hasnt been great so if NT comes with a plot superior then hell yeah.

I have played DMC 1,2,3 but 4 was a huge dissapointment so if DMC surpass DMC 4 then i want DMC 2 instead of DMC 5.
DragonKnight  +   1271d ago
What comes next? How about a game where the REAL Dante wakes up from a nightmare, and that nightmare was DmC only it turns out that some tool is actually going around calling himself Dante so the Real Dante has to go and kick him and his fake twin brother Vergil's a$$ through the 9 circles of hell. With guest appearances from the real Vergil and even Sparda. That's what should come next.
Summons75  +   1271d ago
That alone sounds a hundred times better than the plot, or lack of, in this game.
Alos88  +   1271d ago
Um, guys? It might be wise to see whether your first game is a success before discussing a sequel.
Moby-Royale  +   1271d ago
I believe my grandma would say "Don't count your chickens before they hatch".

Though this isn't exactly confirmation of a sequel, I'm sure there will be.

That is great for the people that are into this new DMC. But I will be sitting this and any subsequent "Dmc's" out.

I will buy this one used at some point. I think it will be funny to see what they've done. But I'll not pay them to laugh at them.
timeon11111111111  +   1263d ago
Lol 3 people disagrees with you. Shows you how brain dead CERTAIN DmC supporters are.
Parappa  +   1271d ago
I hope it does get a sequel. It looks awesome.
Yokan  +   1271d ago
I agree and hope to see the full version of the game day one.
lorcraven  +   1271d ago
What if the game isn't well received? Or do they have a time machine and can predict sales.

For a company that suffered outrage over the appearance of their protagonist, they really are confident of it's success.

To me the levels of arrogance from ninja theory is insane, first the lead producer models dante on himself, and now this. It just kinda makes me want it to fail.

Not that I'll be buying new either way, with the publisher being Capcom I'd feel like a right sucker if I ever gave them any more money after SFXT.
Sevir  +   1271d ago
Oh boy... the minute vocal minority havent stopped bitching yet
Do you really want to give them more reason to Bitch? Lol. I'll play this reboot, given NT's strong talent in narratives and story, this game is bound to be the strongest in the series on story alone... I was watching the YouTube demo from the gamescon conference 2012 and I have to say that was pretty creative! It's far more interactive and destructive than the other DMC and his new gloves charged with embers and fire is awesome... I in short, loved what I saw.

The Game is really shaping up to be something great. And I cannot wait to play it. Jan 15th 2013. :)
Yokan  +   1271d ago
I cant wait for this game it looks promising, the game is a reboot for christ sake, it will look and play differentlg. Look at Batman from 90's movies and Batman from the Nolan Movies I dont see a lot of bitching there and it is a massive overhaul in tearms of narrartive and superhero development. I just dont get it why you guys stop being so ignorant and whining losers and stop complaining. I have plaed DMC since its original release in 17th of October. Trust me this games story is going to be better than the previous DMCs we know, except this time we get btter story and similar gameplay.
timeon11111111111  +   1264d ago
I tell you what. Stop bitching about others ok?

Because i swear to god or whatever that created us humans:
Whenever Ninja theory or Capcom says something out of line the DmC supporters like yourself start bitching about what will happen before it happens.

How DmC supporters stop bitching about people who have valid reasons to dislike DmC? For example DmC is not even out even and noone knows if the story is good or bad...already they are being so arrogant "There might be a sequal".

Everyone who consider themself intelligent should FUCKEN know that sequal teasing is just bullshit.
If DmC sells 1 million there will not be a DmC 2/DmC sequal.

If DmC sells 2M or more - maybe a sequal.
If DmC sells 3M there will be a sequal.

It´s all fucken business. When they say "Maybe" they are thinking of "Will it sell or not?", when they say "One door opened does not mean another closed" it means "Will it sell or not?".

Crapcom monster wants coookies. If enough gamers give them money they will give you a sequal to DmC.

But let´s wait for DmC to be released and played by gamers before we go "Oh there will be a sequal maybe..."
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Sevir  +   1263d ago
Someone hand this one a bottle and a pacifier
timeon11111111111  +   1263d ago
@Sevir post #10.2.1

Yes, someone hand me a bottle and a pacifier because i speak the truth when it comes to the hypocrisy among DmC supporters, and Capcom´s way of thinking.

It´s blasphemy that DMC fans rant (and in many cases with good reasons).
But when DmC supporters bitch about DMC fans and fans of the character Dante (not DINO), it´s cool. /Sarcasm

Double standard much?

And like i said, until DmC has been released and played by gamers Capcom and Ninja theory should shove their sequel ideas up their asses. Because it´s just bullshit.

A dialogue between two fans:
DmC fan: Omg i can´t wait for DmC sequel!
DMC fan: Good for you.
DmC fan: Just need to play DmC first :)!
DMC fan: woot? You haven´t played first game of DmC reboot serie?
DmC fan: Of course not!
DMC fan: okay... *walks away backwards*
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