Assassin's Creed 3 director: Games journalists are too soft on Japanese devs

CVG: Alexander Hutchinson says preferential treatment is 'condescending'; Wants all studios to be held to the same standard

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disturbing_flame2282d ago

Actually i totally disagree with him.
I don't find journalists are soft with jap devs, it's the opposite. More than that he praises Nintendo, a game developper & manufacturer that i love but i think that Nintendo is the only dev with wich journalist are too soft. They created their gameplay and their licences and those licences have never been bashed (when some of them have been recycled to death) whereas other japanese have seen number of their licences recieving very bad scores (and it was partly right).
Now what we have in the industry, is just occidental "Bad Ass" and "Shooters" games. Lot of japanese games have more depth (and story), in their gameplay. And those games have lower scores just because journalists are focused on graphics. I think a lot of gamers are waiting more than shooters or bad ass games. somehow it's sad to talk about racism when actually he focuses on "japanese". Didn't like the tone of the sentences.

Brosy2281d ago

I totally agree with him. Japanese developers dont get called out for their emo homo erotic stories, convoluted stories, or just plain dumb stories. But if a western dev pulls that shit its considered low quality. To this day I dont see what all the fuss is about Kojima. He has penned some of the strangest most ridiculious stories in the industry, but people worship him like he is something other than a weird no talent writer. Is it because the east holds some kind of mystique to some people or something? I just dont get it.

jc485732282d ago

what Japanese games? Look at Capcom.

NukaCola2281d ago

Capcom has effed up this gen and the journalist have dug in. Same goes for Square Enix.

Game journalism in general has been pretty weak this gen and unethical. You really never know what hateful crap they will do next.

MilkMan2282d ago

I agree 1 billion percent. Lots of fan boys and girl out there that feel that no Japanese dev can do not wrong even when their games are as stale as last years McDonald's cheeseburger.
For example someone like Kojima can throw up and sh!t in a bag label it MSG and sell millions.

Fallout New Vegas had glitches and it was crucified. Go figure.

Shadowolf2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

MilkMan while I agree with the fact that Japanese gaming as a whole has been a bit stale on many fronts, Kojima Productions continues to be a beacon of hope for the Japanese game developing community.

"Sh!t in a bag and label it MGS" - This is blasphemy! While this is a subjective point, I must express, the MGS series is one of the best series in gaming as it continues to innovate the interactive gaming medium. Hideo Kojima should be completely left out of this conversation.

sriki0072282d ago

i agree with the statement.. But bayonetta was pretty good..

AsheXII2282d ago

Its quite the opposite, there is a heavy discrimination against japanese games, and Gears of wars does have a pretty crappy story filled with cheesy moments and cliche script. It goes both ways.

And coming from the director of Assassins creed he shouldn't be talking about stories.

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The story is too old to be commented.