How to Fix Darksiders 2 Crashes, Errors Freezing, Lag, No Sound

Here are definitive fixes for Darksiders 2 crash problems, errors, freezing, lagging, desktop crash, poor FPS, missing textures, cannot start, out of range, saving issues, black screen, and no sound.

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sjgamer2162d ago

just got this on Steam!!! :)

elpesado2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Firefox reports the link as an attack page. :(

gamejohn00x2161d ago

owner tweeted it was one of the ads running on the site which was already removed. ran avast and avg while browsing on it and found no problems at all.

mjanssen19752160d ago

I got an Solution for ati-card users.

Just put the the control of your vidcard to manual and set it to 75% or so. Then the temperatures won't go over 70 celcius and thus no more crashes.
It works for me just fine now on the highest possible settings.
I don't use the regulator in catalyst, that's because i use speedfan. But it works the same :)

That don't mean it works for everyone because no system is alike...