Gameinformer's AU Reveal Isn't All that Exciting

With Gamescom starting today, and Gameinformer AU teasing a big exclusive world reveal, speculation was running rampant across the internet, hoping for a new game announcement or something of the sort.

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knifefight2233d ago

Wait, an announced announcement or a coming announcement to be soon announced...didn't live up to what people dreamed it might be!? I for one am SHOCKED! That NEVER happens! :o

Blacktric2233d ago

What a bunch of a-holes. Making people get excited for a crappy Black Ops II MP reveal...

joab7772233d ago

I think Sony did alright today to fill our need for gaming news. Now, I just need to find time to play everything.

user54670072233d ago

They said they put sweat and blood into this magazine more then any other issue they've done and that they worked their arses off...making it look like it was going to be some unannounced world wide reveal.

GTAV, Half life 3, Dragon Age 3, inFAMOUS 3 just some of the games running through peoples heads...and it ended up being multiplayer something we already know about.

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