Why Sound Shapes is one of this generation's most important games

MMGN: Sound Shapes isolates, identifies and holds-up the individual components of what goes into creating a rhythm game aesthetic, and is therefore one of the most important steps forward in gaming this generation.

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YxUxNO2106d ago

Such an awesome game, I haven't put it down since I downloaded it

one2thr2106d ago

Same here!
I hope they fix the server problem soon :)

Serjikal_Strike2106d ago

Its an ok game...i didnt find it all that downloaded game for me is still journey

TheLastGuardian2106d ago

It's a brilliant game. I really enjoyed playing through the campaign, beat school and death mode. I haven't played many user created songs yet, but I'm looking forward to what the community will create in the future.

I got the platinum trophy yesterday. I hear that all the trophies you unlock in one version will automatically unlock in the other once you load your cloud synced save. So I only paid $12 and earned 64 silver, 2 gold and 2 platinums in about 8 hours. I'm a trophy whore so that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Wish they'd hurry up and fix the servers so I can get the second set of trophies and play some more community songs.

r212106d ago

wow, that is nice of the devs and two plats for one game :O sweet!

izumo_lee2106d ago

The concept is so simple but the execution of this game is what makes it so special. Just like with Journey the simple idea of the game rises above a lot of triple A titles we see today.