PSP Skype Install Instructions And Pricing

The Bitbag writes, "Skype is now among the many! Wanna turn your PSP-2000 into a Skype phone? Follow the simple instructions and you'll be making phone calls on your PSP from all over the world. Damn what a great device the PSP has turned out to be. Time for me to get a new one."

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Partisan3819d ago

Best Feature ever im loving it ....:)


SoulReaper3819d ago

If i sign up for Skype Pro do i get unlimited minutes??

rofldings3819d ago

If you're from the US/Canada - you get unlimited calling to US/Canada for $3/month

Plus a whole bunch of other features

I dunno how it works in other countries...

SoulReaper3819d ago

Awesome thanks a lot..I feel cheated because i have a fat PSP......I will get the PSP slim when Crisis Core comes out and God of War..

gamesblow3819d ago

Not a bad feature... I've been weighing my options of ditching T-mobile, myself. Then again, I'd look pretty absurd if someone asked to use my phone somewhere... Imagine that scene.

Them -Hey, can I use your phone real quick?

Gamesblow -sure, no problem. Just let me get my head set, adaptor cable and initiate Skype on my psp for you.

Them -On second thought... never mind. I'll just use the pay phone.

rofldings3819d ago

You forgot the "hold on, lemme find some wifi step" :D

Partisan3819d ago

go to

its easy to sign up i got mine for $10 credit that is 6 hours landline,international,cellpho ne


if i decided to call someone in japan it will just be the 3 monthly fee .

Oxygen3819d ago

SSCOOLCHEA - if they have Skype, the call is free. However, if you want to call their land line phone or cell phone, the $3 per month Skype Pro plan will not help you. The $3 plan gives you unlimited calling within the US and Canada. Calling Japan will cost you a little under 3 cents a minute.