Vita is Doomed: When Will Sony Learn?


Recently, GoNintendo posted an article mentioning that everyone was happy to call the Nintendo 3DS an initial “failure” and were thrilled to write stories and blog posts about “Nintendo is Doomed” – but the article asked why there aren’t any “Vita is Doomed” articles.

I am answering the call.

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smashcrashbash2145d ago

Are you stupid or something or are you just looking for attention? There are plenty of anti VITA and 'VITA is doomed articles'. What planet are you from?

Emilio_Estevez2145d ago

lol, it's really only because it's a response to GoNintendo saying there weren't any. It's not really even a doom article as much as it is a Sony should do this article. Most of it is pretty logical too.

PoSTedUP2145d ago

ha ha ha, ho ho ho, another one of these articles, in the trash you go.

Machioto2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@post ha,ha,ha,he,he,he, that was so funny I almost peed. 

Autodidactdystopia2144d ago

I dont care I like te vita. Ill buy it on the cheap some day when it gets liberated of its official firmware and I can emulate all the games of generations last!

Silly gameAr2145d ago

Oh, look. Another doom article from another site that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

TheLastGuardian2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Story quality?

Like this website?

TBM2144d ago

man this site is becoming supremely boring. instead of getting actual gaming news we get hit mongering doom and gloom articles looking for easy hits because they know they'll get the occasional diehard fan of side consoles to read it, and start a flame war.

and to think one side claims this site is overrun by the other side when it was the complete opposite back during 2006-2008. this is absolutely the worst generation for gaming i've seen in all my 30 plus years of gaming.

anyone know a news gaming site i can go to that doesnt have this crap on it?

ATi_Elite2144d ago

The only issue i see with the PS Vita is that Sony should of added Cell phone Software and MAYBE partnered with a Cellular Carrier for better promotion.

PSVita has 3G Cell Phone capabilities but you gotta jump through hoops to get it to work and the App drains the battery.

PSVita with a more EFFICIENT cell phone software Day 1 would of really helped. I always wanted Cell Phone capabilities on the PSP and was happy to see 3G on the PSvita.

Other than that the PSVita is a great portable that is NOT Doomed.

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Gamerpeanuts2145d ago

I just like the idea of a console in my hand. You have more depth and the horse power that power house can run is crazy awesome. Whether you are Nintendo Fan boy or a neutral gamer in handhelds you have to agree the quality is in Vita not 3DS. The 3DS is better only because of games...thats sad.

Relientk772145d ago

They also said the PSP was doomed. That's a fantastic portable console with great games

HammadTheBeast2145d ago

It still sells a ton in Japan, it was only piracy that killed it over here in NA.

rpd1232144d ago

Yeah. I think the Vita would sell a lot more if they stopped selling the PSP.

HeavenlySnipes2145d ago

Author starts off the article stating that he hates Nintendo and Sony looool wtf? Not reading your bias opinion then

Phil322144d ago

Yeah... No agenda there! ;)

-Gespenst-2145d ago

I often wonder how much articles that discuss the "doom" of a console contribute to that very doom. If no one wrote them would the console do better?

Seems like puclicity like this just puts ideas in peoples heads that a console is failing more than it actually is (or isn't at all), I mean I know the Vita isn't doing great at the moment, but I fully intend to buy one once I get enough money together, there are a lot of forthcoming games I'm looking forward to on it.

pandaboy2145d ago

I remember a lot of major American websites tried those tactics with the ps3. Apparently it was selling awful when the official figures actually showed it was the 3rd fastest selling console in history. Forbes and CNet spring to mind. One must question their motive for outright lies like that.

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