5 Things That Can Make Just About Any Game Better


When you have a game with average or fun gameplay, what can it do to make it better? What can be added to make it rise above the pack? We think there are five universal rules that can make just about any game better.

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Amazingmrbrock2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

This could also be titled five things AAA games usually lack.

ApolloTheBoss2256d ago

A good story and good gameplay is all I care about. Anything else is complementary.

Whitefeather2256d ago

Most of his examples are games that were just okay.

snipes1012256d ago

Exactly. I put the examples there to show that the best things about them were the things I listen -- things that redeemed them from possibly being below average.

Kurt Russell2256d ago

Chainsaws make games better.

Menashe2256d ago

Mario with chainsaws? I'd try that.

Bolts2256d ago

Wait a minute. Boobs didn't make the list?

Menashe2256d ago

I doubt girl gamers would like a game any better because of that.

MRMagoo1232256d ago

what about lesbian ones ?

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The story is too old to be commented.