Lost Planet PS3 Video Preview: All New Direct Feed Gameplay has published a 3-minute video preview of Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for PlayStation 3. The footage has been captured from a non-final build of the game, with enhancements to the frame rate and the implementation of anti-aliasing promised for the final game.

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niall773824d ago

the ps3 version deosnt look like ass anymore

marinelife93824d ago

Capcom is going to have to send a certified invite to my front door to get me to even rent this game. What about the game was so appealing?

AceLuby3824d ago

Is any news that is good for the PS3 somehow offend you? You should be happy that your fellow gamers can enjoy a well made game. Your 360 vs PS3 sh!t is getting real old...

talannon3824d ago

Just like those on the 360 enjoyed Virtua fighter 5??


MetalProxy3824d ago

Enjoy paying for every stupid thing for you 360!!

davez823824d ago

i'd buy this for no more than 30 bux

pwnsause3824d ago

well the game is going to retail for 40 dollars, its not close to 30, but its ok as long as its not a SH33ty port

Wingnut263824d ago

I think this game looks like a lot of fun. Some shots looked better graphically than others, but it still looks enjoyable. Question for the Xbox owners who have played it: Is it any good?

jackdoe3824d ago

Framerate still looks iffy. Meh. I'm holding off for reviews, want to know if they fixed any problems or if this is a straight up port.

digger183824d ago

The framerate was iffy on my 360, so why wouldn't it be on the PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.