Plot holes left unresolved by Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Attack Of The Fanboy: Last week, most of you eagerly played through the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut naively hoping, even praying that BioWare had done more than simply add dialogue and supplementary cinematic scenes to what is now infamously renowned as one of the most botched endings in the history of gaming. For the second straight time, the majority of you once again walked away disappointed, saddened, or perhaps even downright outraged.

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Godmars2902262d ago

Is it still not accepted that much of what happened in ME - as in the whole series - happens out of plot convenience?

Yes, some things happen with progressive logic, cause and effect, but there are moments of "sock gnome" logic as well as instances of "wtf?" to "WTF?!" Especially with ME3.

aliengmr2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Sure, but for the most it is hidden behind thin veils of explanation. Nothing like space-brat though. That was just a neon sign that said "we have no idea how to end this series". Also, complexity of the story helped people overlook a lot of tiny errors.

Its like the deflector dish in Star Trek. As long as you have Data or whoever saying "something, something tachyon pulse" we don't think about it being magic, when it clearly is.

Godmars2902261d ago

Thing is there's thin explanation and plot setup, then there's Cerberus, a supposed covert terrorist organization who go around wearing their emblem everywhere who are publicly recognized as being responsible for an untold number of deaths producing an even more known heroic figure who's been confirmed killed action, and the powers at be seem to question that said person might be an imposter or clone. They're simply reinstated to their operate outside the law status.

It were the multiple unaddressed faults in logic which were simply accepted which made Bioware think they could get away with ME3's original ending.