DmC: There's some hope for taunting, cameos

Destructoid: "DmC: Devil May Cry producer Motohide Eshiro and supervising director Hideaki Itsuno weren't quite ready to spill the beans on what else might be in store for their upcoming Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title, but they at least gave us some hope for something new at next month's gamescom."

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Lord_Sloth2165d ago

I'm not sure I'd call it hope...

TheRichterBelmont2165d ago

That picture of Vergil is so freaking sexy.

wishingW3L2165d ago

he is so cool in Marvel. I wish we had the opportunity to play as him on another DMC tittle on HD consoles after DMC3.

Lavalamp2165d ago

Thanks! I spent a lot of time going through pics trying to find a good one of Vergil and I ended up with this one. Glad you like it!

Kyosuke_Sanada2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

In my years of gaming, I never thought I would read a headline like this.....-_-

It's like America with no apple pie.....

TheKindRoost2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Oh god they're going to butcher vergil.

fei-hung2164d ago

They are twins so NT and Crapcom will probably turn Virgil into a twin sister who is called Virgin who has fallen in love with a devil and stepped over to the darkside. Dante must get to her and kick her ass as before she loses her virginity during a full moon which will unleash hell on to earth and give her snd her devil partner Spardas powers!

Go Crapcom and NT, you have screwed things up so far in terms of story and history, why not just go the whole 9 yards and screw Virgil, sorry Virgin up to!

Information Minister2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

OH GAWD!!!... Cannot be unseen!

I wish someone would just take this game behind the shed and put it out of its misery.

2160d ago