Capcom 100% behind new DmC, original style may return in future

Motohide Eshiro and Hideaki Itsuno have said the team at Capcom Japan were well prepared for how fans would react when Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry was first announced.

The producer and director at Capcom, respectively, said the firm and Ninja Theory stand 100% behind the new entry in the DmC series.

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user54670072346d ago

"Capcom 100% behind new DmC"

Thats why you guys are known not to give a crap about your fans...because you go against what we want as a consumer.

"original style may return in future"

When the new one HOPEFULLY fails...they'll make DMC5 tie up loose ends and NT will go crying back to Sony and make HS2 if it's not all ready being developed....WIN/WIN :D

Kran2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"When the new one HOPEFULLY fails"

Not being funny, but I understand the hate, but lots of people have been wrong before about a game. Many people think DmC wont sell.

What if it does sell (and doesn't fail) and it's actually good?

This is what people fail to answer.

WHAT IF it sells and WHAT IF it's actually good? Sure it might not be the DmC you know and love (when is a remake ever that) but WHAT IF it's good.

Heavenly King2346d ago

Well if that happens, then DMC fans (including me) will get screwed and angry. >_<

wishingW3L2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

DMC fanbase is small and most of them will not buy the reboot new. If the reboot will sell it'll need to draw in tons of new people. But right now people are fixated on Kinect, COD and Halo 4 to even take a second to care about DMC reboot. And the Japanese hate the idea of the reboot to death too, where the series sells a huge chunk of its total sales. The game has no way to be a success. It's like Capcom really just wants to kill the series once and for all with this shot at the dark.

Baka-akaB2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Yeah the DMC fanbase is so small that the game usually sell 2+ millions , something only god of war outperforms within the same genre .

user54670072346d ago

I couldn't give a crap if it was good because NT have done nothing but insult and call the fans, the old games, the creator of DMC and even Dantes previous looks....why would I support a developer as big headed and arrogant as that.

It could be good...but it won't be DMC we all know and love.

Kyosuke_Sanada2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"(when is a remake ever that)"
To answer your remake question Kran, Resident Evil Remake......

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WeskerChildReborned2346d ago

It makes me think that Capcom only really cares about the money and none of their consumers when people tell them what they wan't to see. I'm pretty sure no one wanted to see a DMC reboot with a guy who doesn't even look like Dante.

slaton242346d ago

well it is his younger self so as long as i play the game and it feels like devil may cry than i will enjoy it a game isnt all about the looks of a character i mean come on guys enjoy the gameplay the story and to some the matter what someone does there will always be someone who disagrees or hates the product

WeskerChildReborned2346d ago

@Slaton, yea ik, but it doesn't look as fast paced as the original games.

InTheLab2346d ago

Hold on there partner. I don't think anyone wants NT working on Heavenly Sword 2. Maybe Genji or some other dead Sony franchise.... I just don't trust those guys...

Lord_Sloth2346d ago

I often wondered if this wasn't a Raccoon City situation and DMC5 isn't already in development as RE6 was.

jc485732346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

RE6 doesn't look that much interesting. I'm still angry about the whole disc locked content in Street Fighter x Tekken. I think that's more worse than anything else and game feels unfinished to begin with.

Soldierone2346d ago

Resident Evil 5 took that cake for me. "oh multiplayer isn't finished yet, so we will release it down the road...." Really? Thats why the "DLC" to "add it on" was 5kb?.....

DragonKnight2346d ago

"“We knew from the start that whenever you change something like this, there’s going to be some people that will be very interested in that. But it will also scare some people, and make some nervous."

Very few were interested in it, and even now that remains to be true when measured against the majority. And no one was scared or nervous, we were angry. You don't change iconic characters and designs. The very definition of iconic resists change from a thematic perspective.

You're 100% behind the new direction, then I hope you'll be 100% behind its failure. And if the original style was going to return in the future, what then is the point in this? You see Capcom, you can't be trusted. Nothing you say can be trusted. That's your reputation this generation.

Heavenly King2346d ago

I concur 100% XD

Hopefully DmC will bomb.

fei-hung2346d ago

Last gen, Devil May Cry was the best hack and slash franchise I got my hands on. This gen Crapcom ruined it by creating a half baked DMC4 and now the lame ass remake.

Thank god for PG for giving us Bayonetta and Vigil for giving us Darksiders (not forgetting GoW).

I just love how Crapcom assume they were expecting the backlash due to nervousness and fear. Just shows that even after over a year of complaints, they still fail to acknowledge the truth behind the complaints.

The game being announced in Sept 2010 and having a release date for q1 2013 probably means its been in development for at least a minimum of 2.5years. They also expect to sell 2million copies my 31st March 2013. Taking into consideration the budget for the game, development time, expensive tech NT like to use which Capcom doesn't and the marketing they will need to sell the game to a new audience, what are the chances Crapcom will get their 2million sales or make enough money to to make the whole ordeal worth it?!

MiyagiSPG2346d ago

"You don't change iconic characters and designs. The very definition of iconic resists change from a thematic perspective."

This is exactly the point, did Nintendo change Mario? No because they didn't need too. Can anyone picture a redesigned Mario in one of his iconic Platforming games and be ok with it? No because it wouldn't feel right and this is exactly how changing Dante feels... it feels like this game isn't going to be Devil May Cry without the true iconic Dante!

SavageFlamingo2346d ago

I like it. I'm happy it's not the same old thing. I'm treating it as a brand new game. Games that keep the same thing over and over get stale really fast. I'm not going to compare it to the old Devil May Cry. Don't judge it until you've played it.

Lord_Sloth2346d ago

So if Link were turned into a Kratos style character you'd be A Okay with the change? You wouldn't mine Zelda take on a God of War approach? You wouldn't judge that until you played it?

slaton242346d ago

i wouldnt mind one bit....they could even have link as a female and zelda as a male and i would still play dante is a younger dante they even announced that at E3 also a character change so what just enjoy the game for what it is

WeskerChildReborned2346d ago

I like games to stay with the same combat and most everything, just in sequels have some innovations and a new story.

Lord_Sloth2346d ago


Why should I bother playing a sub par immitation of an action game with hints of Heavenly Sword? Why should I just accept whatever trash a company decides to put out? Why don't you roll over and let Capcom stamp on the other side of your face too?

fei-hung2346d ago

However, wouldn't it be possible to incorporate new things and keep the original story and characters?

Halo, Gears, Uncharted, Mario, Zelda, Killzone and countless other big franchises have. Especially where the franchise is built on a character which has become a synonymous with the brand?!

To date, I have played 2 Ninja Theory games: HD and Enslaved and they both have the exact same faults:

1) great story but average gameplay
2) over selling and under delivering
3) look great, but don't play as great
4) don't excel in any particular gameplay mechanic*

* the platforming is average, the combat is average, the shooting elements (HS) are average. Unlike a game like Darksiders which borrows from Devil May Cry, God of War and others, the game excels at the combat mechanics and gameplay as well as doing a pretty good job at platforming and shooting.

There were options that would have been better and safer than rebooting the franchise with risky developers who have a bad attitude. They could have gone to Vigil, Platinum Games, Rocksteady, Mercurysteam, Valhalla Studios or just made it themselves by learning from mistakes they made it the last one.

From the options they had, in my opinion, they went with the worst.

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