DayZ Developer Talks Inspiration, Possibility of Standalone DayZ “Before the End of the Year”

RipTen's Catherine Cai interviews Dean "Rocket" Hall, sole developer behind the popular zombie mod, DayZ.

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PaladinXII1652d ago

Very cool conversation. Would be very interesting to see what happens to the emergent narrative if it goes standalone.

WeskerChildReborned1652d ago

That would be cool if they can make a DayZ game. I bet if it was on Kickstarter, they would be able to do it. Hopefully if it were to get made, they could possibly make a console version which would be sick.

WeskerChildReborned1650d ago

People could wish can't they? I think all gamers should share the same experiences but their will alway's be games that are console exclusive or PC exclusive.

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