What Ever Happened to Starhawk?

Kotaku - In today's lost in space edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, we're concerned about the fate of Starhawk, the PlayStation 3 exclusive online shooter that showed so much promise up until it became a real product.

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Neo Nugget2169d ago

I've been having a blast with Starhawk ever since it launched. People just don't know what they're missing.

WeskerChildReborned2169d ago

I was thinking about buying it, what's you opinion about it?

Totoro172169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

I feel you, brother. My PS3 broke 2 weeks after I bought the game and me and my boyfriend absolutely LOVED it! Can't wait to get another PS3 next week so I can get back on it.

geddesmond2169d ago

What happened was Lightbox released a very unbalanced game and people got wind of this. They also took some of the best features that were in warhawk and made them worse in starhawk. Then sprinkle in all the other games like Max Payne 3 and Dragons Dogma that released around the same time and also haven't sold what they should have then I would say summer software sales is down and people do more research on the games they buy these days.

bwazy2169d ago

I was gonna buy it, but I'm pretty much done putting resources into console gaming. Just not feeling it like I used to "sigh".

StrawberryDiesel4202169d ago

Have you played Dark Souls and Demon's Souls? They're really fun and might fix your problem.

bwazy2168d ago

They were one of the many games that I did not find interesting in the least.

Also lol @ disagrees for something that is an extremely personal situation. Can I assume that you're all heart broken at me finding console gaming lackluster these days?

I will.

BigStef712169d ago


KingofGambling2169d ago

I just play Starhawk co op mode with my bro, such a blast.

BigStef712169d ago

I don't know why people are down voting u for starting the truth. Same shit for my previous post. Everyone who owns it like myself thinks the game is fun. Those peoplr are just haters cuz they prolly don't own a ps3 lmao

KingofGambling2169d ago

if they don't own a ps3 than they are missing out quality ps3 exclusives.

KingDustero2169d ago

I would play it more often if there were more servers that I like. Hate it how a lot of servers that use one or two maps. Gets so boring after a while and I just switch games. The game is great, but I just lose interest a lot while playing. Hopefully I'll get back into it someday soon and start ranking up again. XD

ddurand12168d ago

matchmaking does suck. id prefer a different setup

KingDustero2168d ago

I only use the sever browser, but most people don't know how to make a good setup for a server and I don't have the time to make one and wait for it to populate.

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The story is too old to be commented.