Icrontic preview: The Secret World is not your typical MMO

Icrontic writes: "There’s a lot of very good reasons that The Secret World has been highly anticipated, and despite all the delays, I can honestly say this game was worth the wait. The graphics are modern, and performance was solid for me even on beta builds. The default interface isn’t merely livable—it’s actually very usable. The mechanics are interesting and engaging. The gameplay is fast-paced but never rushed. And the story and quest system are just fantastic."

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bwazy2048d ago

I might have bought this (keyword MIGHT) if GW2 wasn't a month and 3 weeks away.

For every positive thing in this article I've heard an equally as bad thing about the exact same gameplay mechanic.

lordoftheflies2048d ago

I bought it and I will play gw2 too
TSW is a great gamewith a never before seen quest system ^^
i think it's good, that every mmo got its own pros and cons, so that everybody can find positiv things in every one and have fun playing it ;)
bought it like gw 2 at mmoga and was surprised that both games didn't took to long to arrive ^^