Updating firmware to 1.691. Wait a minute... 1.691 ?

Have you updated recently PS VITA firmware to 1.69? Probably you did. Yet you have to do it again.

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GuruStarr782153d ago

Just did it... now the Escape Plan Demo works!

GribbleGrunger2153d ago

ah! I thought it was just me. Is the demo back up then? I think it was taken down

GuruStarr782153d ago

Not sure if it's off the store or not, I downloaded it back when it launched and just left it on my Vita til now..

Liefx2152d ago

Ahh i thought my Vita was just mucked! Glad to know this will fix it!

Bowzabub2153d ago

Yeah I got sick of trying to get the demo to work so I just bought the damned game. Nice sales strategy. Game is pretty cool though. Ooh rah!

Qrphe2153d ago


made my day, bubbles to you!

Gamesgbkiller2153d ago

I was surprised when i went to system update and found out that there is a new update 1.69 ?
it was the same i had .. but downloaded and work fine .

Ezio-Auditore002153d ago

Does anyone seem to not be able to download demos, because when i come to download them of the ps store most dont work. Does anyone else have this problem?

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