Wii U vs. Wii: Are their games REALLY that different? And if not, which one does them better?

"Is the Wii U is really a new direction, or just an HD reiteration of its predecessor? Let the games speak! For a large proportion of the last year, the more hopeful hardcore have been operating under the belief that the Wii U is a completely different kind of console to the Wii. We've been working on the assumption, cultivated by Nintendo, that the Wii's successor would be much more similar in culture to the Nintendo machines of old. Goodbye casual party crap, hello AAA good-times. But the thing is, despite the extra horsepower, I don't think the two machines currently are too dissimilar if you look at their respective early game line-ups.", writes GamesRadar.

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Emilio_Estevez2188d ago

Interesting take on the 2 systems.