Worldwide Weekly Hardware, Ending 2nd Jun 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 188,991
2: PS3 - 144,829
3: 360 - 121,095
4: Wii - 58,062
5: PSP - 49,251
6: PSV - 48,111
7: DS - 34,343

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Shadow Flare2257d ago

PS3, the best selling home console worldwide.

fabod862257d ago

forgive them man... 3ds is an home console :/

Treian2257d ago

The 3DS is a PORTABLE console, not a HOME console.

fabod862257d ago

ehm... it's called sarcasm ù.ù

cstyle2257d ago

I don't think so my friend....and it looks like vita will continue to struggle against the 3ds.

fabod862257d ago

he said "best selling home console" can't you read it? ;)

Ambivalent_2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Why is this guy getting disagrees? He only paraphrased the stats above.

black9112257d ago

The Vita's problem isn't games. It needs cheap 3G/4G gaming. If sony comes up with a cheap yearly price for Online gaming on the Vita Sales will Soar.

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ChunkyLover532257d ago

Jeez, the PSP is outselling the Vita world wide now. That thing needs some games and probably a price cut. I remember when the PS3 first released and the PS2 was outselling it, a price cut will fix that right up.

EcoSos32257d ago

Yes it does but Sony wont do it because they dont want to admit its over price and give us free games.

ChunkyLover532257d ago

I don't think they would have to give free games, some people are early adopters and some people are like me and cant really afford to pay $250 for a handheld by itself, add in a game and memory card and its like $350+.

If they dropped that thing to like $199 and threw in a game or memory card I'd get one.

bothebo2257d ago

For its hardware the Vita is not overpriced at all. The Vita can emulate the 3DS but yet it is only $80 more than the 3DS. It has some massive titles coming out in October and December which should help to move some hardware.

Seraphemz2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

bothebo - well said !!! The Vita is a beast.
i think that people are so used to getting crappy hardware that breaks down, they cant see the value in QUALITY.

You get what you pay for people.

kneon2257d ago

The Vita is not over priced, but the PSP sure is cheap so it will continue to sell.

AWBrawler2257d ago


crappy hardware? really? I dare you to show me a Nintendo handheld that isn't tough and "breaks down" as you say. they know kids will be handling their products, so they build them tough.

as for the games coming to Vita in October and December. This is true, but the 3DS is getting more system sellers as early as August with New Mario Bros. 2

Vita needs games and lots of them and a bundle or price cut if it wants to compete with 3DS. Me personally, I ain't buying one until LBP or Sly Cooper release for it. So sony needs to get on their game, because i'm sure I'm not the only one holding out for games.

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Ducky2257d ago

It has games... it's just poorly advertised.

kingdavid2257d ago

DS was also outselling the 3ds a year ago.

omarzy2257d ago

3ds going strong. i gotta pick one up this holiday

chaos-lockheart2257d ago

so if the 3ds is selling like psvita right now you wont buy it? something not selling as much as others doesnt mean its not great quality. this is a great example that poeple use "toyota is selling more then lambos so that means lambos is suckier then toyota? I dont think so.

omarzy2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

all i said was that the 3ds is selling good. if i hated the console, it wouldn't change the fact that it sells well. i'm just happy that it is doing well, and i want to pick one up even if it was selling worse than vita. i was not saying anything bad about vita or anything else.

AWBrawler2257d ago

stupid analogy. comparing sports car to a luxury car?? You may as well be comparing an airplane to a rocket. thats not even almost the same.

At stores Vita is in the same area as 3DS. Show me a damn car lot that sells both Toyota and Lambos.
different audiences and demographic.

dark-hollow2257d ago

if the difference between a toyota and a lamborghini is $80 dollars then i would so go with the latter.

crappy analogy.

Gamer19822257d ago

Sad that people have to upgrade to 3DS to continue to play there new Mario games. Nintendo do that best though. They have now stopped making there 1st party elite games for regular DS and forced people to upgrade and thus the sales come. It's what I hate about them really as the handhelds exaclty the friggin same as the DSi with just 3D which nobody hardly uses as its a fad for most and others it gives a headache to. Nintendo are making you re-buy your DSis all over again.. Well not me :p.

linkratos2257d ago

Are you joking me? Do you really think the DS is capable of 3D Land and such?
That's how systems work, they come up with games that people want that they can only get on that system. Are you new to video games?

omarzy2257d ago

hmmmmm not really the same thing. different console with different games are not the same as the old ones... so if next gen has sequels to everything we have now, should we not buy them because we have to by a new system to "continue playing the same game"

linkratos2257d ago

So this gen is basically a 42-29-29 split.
Much more balanced than last gen!

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