BF3 Armored Kill fears over cut console content

Product-Reviews writes: It’s no secret that the PC version of the game is the best version to own, simply because it contains full versions of the maps, while console players have to make do with a condensed version. This results in fewer flags on conquest maps and also unfortunately, the omission of certain vehicles as well on console, which would normally be included in the same map on PC.

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tr00p3r2258d ago

Would be nice if they increased the player count on console, just for Armored Kill.. but don't see it happening unfortunately.

T9002258d ago

Well its great of them that the game is even on console. Sure its more of a Bad Company game than a Battle Field game. Anyone serious about the game should have gotten the PC version to begin with.

Statix2258d ago

You act like we've never seen 64-player games on console. Hell, we've even had 256-player games.

Of course there are technical constraints, and even more graphical optimizations and shortcuts would need to be made to increase the player count. This is no surprise; we all recognize this fact.

I'm not asking for full 64-player support. I think a slight increase to 32-players would be absolutely perfect, and is perfectly within the realm of possibility.

gcolley2258d ago

whatever, i'm still having a blast along with millions of others. i dont see the point in buying a pc for one game.

DeadIIIRed2258d ago

Yes, we should feel sooooooo honored to even receive any version of Battlefield 3. Seriously though, wanting them to improve the player count is a very reasonable demand

dontbhatin2258d ago

the only reason the flag points are less on console is for the idea of only have 24 ppl on one map. you would be looking for enemys more that capturing points.

Huarle2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

I can already see the scenario on consoles with the shown map:
2 guys camp the AC 130, 2 guys the jets (do the maps have 2 jets on consoles? sry, I'm on PC so no idea) and one guy the mobile artillery (they haven't shown yet). So almost half of the team isn't going for objectives which makes engagements rather small.

Kinger89382258d ago

Yea this^ making it feel even more empty on foot :S

krazykombatant2258d ago

thats pretty much how it is on the big maps on the x360. Caspian and OP firestorm are horrible on foot. Not on rush, but on cq its awful....

Kinger89382258d ago

I played on my mates xbox several times and i always feel, on the bigger maps atleast, than you can go for ages without seeing any infantry action on foot. So you could have bigger maps making this worse, or a higher player count but as said above i dont see that happening. I own it on pc and usually filtrr servers for 32 player as 64 can be too much but some times its just right! If they could make it 32 that would be great

Soldierone2258d ago

Ugh a huge map with our small amount of players.....I hate it as is, so I do hope we at least get more players. I mean come on at LEAST 32 would be nice....

They do that and I'll gladly jump back on.

tr00p3r2258d ago

Yeah..32 players need to happen on console. How hard can it be to cut out some trees or something? :-D

Hufandpuf2258d ago

Not only trees would have to go, the draw distance would be severely cut and the textures would be really flat.

SJPFTW2257d ago

yah good luck with that PS3 has only 256 ram

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